We find ourselves in somewhat of a strange time at present. With travel suspended, schools out (in some instances), conferences cancelled and isolation a prospect, we have compiled a list of top AI resources, be it webinars, blogs, newsletters, free online courses and more, to keep your brain stimulated. Think we've missed something which needs to be included? Let me know on [email protected].

I hope the above list gives you some well needed distraction from the current world events. Stay Safe - The RE•WORK Team.


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MAIEI Newsletter - A weekly roundup from the Montreal AI Ethics Institute - Subscribe here.  


OpenAI - Expert guest blogs on everything from Deep Double Descent t0 Procgen Benchmarking - Read here.

RE•WORK's Deep Learning Blog - Speaker guest blogs, Top Women in AI lists, Diversity in AI series and more - Read here.

AI Time Journal - The latest data science interviews, blogs and more - Read here.

The Open Data Institute - A consistent and detailed blog about all things data - Read here.

Clarifai Blog - Read about engineering advancements, product tutorials, and Featured Hacks - Read here.

The Algorithmia Blog - All things AI from Transfer Learning to RNNs - Read more.

Domino - Curation of Data Scientists work to aid in the recognition of work and acceleration of careers -  Read here.

Medium's AI feed - A AI bot, collating all things Data Science and alike for your reading pleasure - Read here.

Andrej Karpathy AI Blog - The Director of AI at Tesla & previous Research Scientist at OpenAI collates his own AI blog - Read here.

Machine Learning Mastery - The one stop shop for Developers with a thirst for Machine Learning knowledge -  Read more.

Lionbridge - CNNs, DNNs, Machine Learning and more - Read here.

Google's AI Blog - The latest in AI from Google - Read here.

IBM Developer blog - More than 100 open source projects, a library of knowledge resources, developer advocates ready to help, and a global community of developers - Read & learn here.

Montreal AI Ethics Institute - All things research and ethics - Subscribe here.

YouTube Channels

RE•WORK's Youtube - The latest keynotes from AI pioneers, those at the forefront of AI in finance, education, healthcare & more as well as speaker interviews. See more.

Free Code Camp - An open source community of busy people who learn to code and build projects for nonprofits - Watch here.

The Artificial Intelligence Channel - A channel focussed on the future of AI, also covering technological singularity - Watch here.

TWIML - The week’s most interesting and important stories from the world of #ML and artificial intelligence - Watch here.  

edureka - Content on trending topics in the areas of Big Data & Hadoop, DevOps, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Angular, Data Science & more - Watch here.

Artificial Intelligence All in One - Video tutorials related to science and technology - Watch here.

SimpliLearn - Simplilearn’s 400+ training courses are designed and updated by world-class industry experts. Their blended learning approach combines e-learning classes, instructor-led live virtual classrooms - Watch here.

Deeplearning.ai - The official deeplearning.ai Youtube channel! Here you can find the videos from our Deep Learning specialization on Coursera - Watch classes here.

Henry AI Labs - Weekly Updates on Mondays about new papers that research labs from companies such as Google and Facebook are publishing, as well as miscellaneous interesting news from the AI community - Watch here.

ARXIV Insights - In this channel Xander Steenbrugge aims to summarize the core take-aways from technical AI papers - Watch summaries  

Deep Learning TV - How To’s, reviews of software libraries and applications, and interviews with key individuals in the field - Watch here.

The Allen Institute - The latest AI info in video form. Lectures, demonstrations and more - Watch here.

Mathematical monk - Videos about math, at the graduate level or upper-level undergraduate - Watch here.

Webinar Series

AI for Climate Change Webinar - 3 Keynote Speakers discuss the use of AI in climate change - Register here.

Fighting AI Bias With High Quality Data Training Webinar - 3 Keynote Speakers discuss - Register here.

AI for Accessible Education Webinar - 2 Keynote speakers & Q&A - Register here.

AI for Crisis Prediction & Management - 2 Keynote Speakers - Register here.


UC Berkeley CS188 Intro to AI - Lectures, Homework & more - Join here.

UCL Course on Reinforcement Learning - A Ten Lecture Series and Assignment on RL - See here.

MIT DL For Self-Driving Cars Course - An introduction to the practice of deep learning through the applied theme of building a self-driving car - Study here.

DataQuest - Learn Python, R, SQL, data visualization, data analysis, and machine learning - Register now.

Zversity - With over 425 low-priced courses online, there is plenty of content to keep your mind busy! - See here.

ZipCode - Learn to code from the pros at ZipCode's nonprofit software development bootcamp - Join here.

DataCamp - Learn Python, SQL, >_shell and more online here.

IBM Courses - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - See more here.

Intel Learning - An Introduction to Practical Deep Learning - Learn here.

fast.ai Courses - Practical Deep Learning for Coders, v3 - Read more here.


The Women in AI Podcast - Women at the forefront of AI discuss their work and diversity issues faced in STEM - Listen here.

The DeepMind Podcast - A new series that we hope will answer the difficult questions in AI - Listen here.

Lex Fridman's AI Podcast - a series of conversations about technology, science, and the human condition hosted by MIT's Lex Fridman - Listen here.

The Eye on AI - Justin Gottschlich explains his group's efforts to automate software development -  Listen along here.

The NVIDIA AI Podcast - NVIDIA release new episodes every other week with guest speakers at the forefront of AI - Listen along here.

Artificially Intelligent - Weekly discussions on the impacts of AI - Listen here.  

Underrated ML - Regular RE•WORK speaker, Sara Hooker & her brother, Sean Hooker have started their new podcast based on underrated ML papers - Listen here.

Concerning AI - A series on AI hosted by Ted Sarvata & Brandon Sanders - Listen here.  

Top AI/Data Science Slack Communities

Deep Learning





AI Researchers


Deep Learning Nanodegree

Data Science Saloon

Montreal AI

AI Expert Community

Job Boards

The Below Job boards host a range roles in AI, Machine Learning Deep Learning and more at a range of Top Level Institutions and companies.



RE•WORK Job Board

KDNuggets Data Science Job Board


TopBots Job Board



AI for Social Good (Requires Download).

Privacy & Security in AI (Requires Download).

The Ethical Implications of AI (Requires Download).

Should you be using AI in your Business? (Requires Download).

Year of AI: How Did Global Public Company Adapt to the Wave of AI Transformation

Trends of AI Technology Development

Top AI/Data Science News Resources

KDNuggets - Data Science Platform

MIT News

Science Daily

ChatBots Magazine

Forbes AI News


Information Age

IEEE Spectrum

Venture Beat AI News

TechTarget News

New Scientist



Machine Learning Leaders News

ARXIV Published Journals

Machine Learning Guide

SwissCognitive - Global AI Hub

Partnership on AI

Machine Intelligence Research Institute

Science News

Data Driven Investor

Montreal AI




EDUCBA - Beginner level intro to AI

Think we've missed something which needs to be included? Let me know on [email protected]

I hope the above list gives you some well needed distraction from the current world events!

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