Now that the dust has settled, we thought it would be only right to revisit some of the brilliant social media activity from both attendees, volunteers and Twitter ambassadors (attendees that kindly offered to live tweet talks from their personal accounts) from the Deep Learning Summit and Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit in London last month. Due to the range of both technical and theoretical topics we saw lots of people getting involved in conversations on social media, questioning, debating and discussing key discussion points long after presentations had finished.

Before revisiting some of the great content shared, we would like to say a big thank you to the Twitter ambassadors across both days - Jenny Judova (@TechHub), Tuulia Tominen (@TuuliaTimonen), Deep Tech (@DeepTech2_0), and Verdict UK (@VerdictUK). RE•WORK would also like to extend a huge thank you to Dr Janet Bastiman (@Yssybyl), who is a regular attendee since her first conference in Boston back in 2015, for not only providing live coverage of the Deep Learning summit but also for the three-part post-event blog which is referenced below. For a greater breakdown of the events that took place in London, we have reviews of both day one and day two, alongside a comprehensive three-part series of blogs from Dr Janet Bastiman which can be found here! All of the presentations given over the two-day summit were recorded from both tracks and are now available on the RE•WORK video hub. For access to London and our other previous events, enter your details here.

Early feedback from attendees surrounded the quality of the morning talks alongside the variation in presentation type. There was also mention of the engaging style of day one compère, Maxine Mackintosh, who from the very start had attendees interacting and conversating both between themselves and with speakers post-talk:

Great interactive, engaging and entertaining chairing of the sessions - Mark Gooding @SciChief

Just Seen Ahmed Serag at #reworkHEALTH conference, Philips are doing some amazing work with AI to detect prostate cancer earlier and more accurately - Dan Lamyman @DanAtLogikk

One of the things I love about the RE•WORK conferences is that they will have very theory based sessions and then throw in more AI in application talks - Janet Bastiman @Yssybyl

There were some pretty high expectations for some sessions, and while most were met, some were maybe a tad too ambitious:

Sadly, we didn't manage to sort out AI regulation in 35 minutes, but a pleasure to chat to Jade Leung, Alison Hall, Loubna Bouarfa and Andrea Renda nonetheless! - Matthew French @MattFenech83

Post morning talks, attendees engaged in some great conversations discussing topics from earlier presentations whilst also further questioning speakers on their job security with AI expanding in capability and prevalence:

Great conversation over the #reworkHEALTH break with Ben Glocker about how radiologists are nowhere NEAR being fully replaced by AI, but that it will be an incredibly interesting career over coming decades working with quickly evolving, complex decision support tools Lydia Nicholas @LydNicholas

I always love hearing space talks, it’s an industry I would have loved to work in. James Parr of the Nasa FDL lab gave a great talk on how AI is essential as a keystone capacity across the board for the FDL - Janet Bastiman @Yssybyl

As a female-led company, we were encouraged, but not surprised by the vast industries and companies represented by some of the leading women in tech and AI which included attendees, exhibitors, speakers, workshop hosts and panel members. This was also recognised by attendees:

Great to see successful women on the final panels at #reworkHEALTH and #reworkDL summit. Good job @teamrework - Jes Adams @jes_adams5

Here are some of our favourite Tweets and social media musings from day one and two across both tracks:

Most fascinating and entertaining talk so far from Dr Eli David on using deep learning in cybersecurity. A bit concerned that the screen went black when a picture of Putin appeared mind - @GoTeamOU

Really important point : measuring AI by intelligence per watt hour is the future - Taco Cohen @Qualcomm

Fascinating insights coming from the Rework Deep Learning Summit today - @ThwaitesComms

Fascinating talk from Fabrizio Silvestri from Facebook on their use of neural networks to improve search. So different to the Google use case - Steve Parkinson @steve_p_uk

Lots of great ideas and contacts made all round. I do love the ReWork summits, always something for me to learn and get inspired by, and I’m looking forward to the next one - Janet Bastiman @Yssybyl

If you didn't make it to the Deep Learning Summit in London last week, make sure you sign up to access the content on the RE•WORK Video Hub now and catch up on what you missed here!