2 weeks ago, we hosted our Deep Learning Summit & Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit in London. We were joined by 400 attendees who came together over the two days to discuss the latest technological advancements and breakthroughs in the field of deep learning.

We welcomed over 20 different nationalities in London, giving a variety of perspective and opinions to the discussions between attendees. At the event, we were joined by Chris Fregly, Founder at PipelineAI, who came all the way from San Francisco just for the summit.

PipelineAI is a machine learning application platform that uses the company’s zero-touch, continuous model optimization technology to automatically generate, optimize, and scale hundreds of model variants from just a single model. This gives data scientists and engineers the freedom to quickly deploy, test, and rollback (if needed) their models directly into production.

During the startup session on Day 2, Chris presented “End-to-End, Multi-Cloud, Continuous Machine Learning in Production with PipelineAI, TensorFlow, and Kafka”. He explained how traditional machine learning models are trained on stale data which is not sufficient to power modern day, AI-first enterprises which require continuous model training.

“It’s important to continuously work on improving models and make sure you can explain them” - Chris

Alongside his presentation, Chris also exhibited at the event, which gave him ample opportunities to be able to connect and discuss with attendees about his presentation as well as his current work at PipelineAI. Chris shared 4 new techniques that they had pioneered: Continuous Optimizing (CO), Continuous Training (CT), Continuous Validation (CV) and Continuous Explainability (CE). These 4 techniques have proven to be able to maximize pipeline efficiency, minimize costs and increase insight at every stage of the modeling process.

Looking forward, PipelineAI will also be joining us at the Applied AI Summit in Houston this November.

“It’s been great to meet a lot of curious people asking great questions. I’m really looking to speaking tomorrow and in Houston on the Applied AI Track in November.” - Chris

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