AI powered content is growing fast. So we need to talk about it. Robots have been the subject of people’s fantasies for a long time. We have seen many kinds of them in movies and other formats of fictional works. On the other side, scientists have kept their minds busy with non-human systems that are capable of human thinking. But the very first time when the term "artificial intelligence" came out was in 1956, at a conference in Hanover.

Machines have been learning and making decisions for a long time. Because they don't have human delay and emotion (for now), they are usually making the correct decision. They solve problems that take a long time and effort or that are almost impossible to be solved by humans. With that being said, let's start focusing on what these genius machines do in marketing. There is no doubt that the rise of artificial intelligence is unstoppable, so we better get to know how to use AI in digital marketing.

What is AI powered content?

AI tools are becoming increasingly popular and powerful in the marketing world. And content marketing benefits from AI, which can analyse customer behaviour, find topics to write about or create content with a single click. As a smart partner, it is great to cooperate with AI for small businesses and larger ones. AI powered content is useful, considering that almost all the marketing efforts are operating through contents in different formats. Each blog article, YouTube video, or just a short review of a service is a sample of content.

Research for content marketing

While creating content, writers and marketers need to start with research. They try to create a persona to address with their content. Which keywords this persona looks for online, their favourite content format and more are great resources before creating content. AI powered content means a shorter period to search for data about the persona. These smart machines analyse the data you have and provide you with a report explaining the characteristics of those who will consume your content.

Choosing keywords and topics

Once you know about your target audience, now you are ready for the next step: finding a topic to write about. Your topic and your keywords are not the same things. So AI can inform you of the topics your audience is interested in and the queries they use to access the content in this topic. Isn't it amazing? There are AI tools that help you go through all these processes and end up with a full list of valuable words. But, to take advantage of these tools, you need to know what you are looking for. Digital marketing agencies may help you with that.

Last but not least: AI powered content creation

Let's say you achieved the first two steps, and it is time to create your content. AI doesn't leave you alone in the content creation process, either. There are various tools that you can choose to create your content in different formats. You can write articles using your keywords and proofread them. In the end, you will have great content; but you seem to wait a bit longer for the best AI powered content to be seamless. You can read more AI marketing articles to go deeper into this subject.

But there is more!

What else in AI powered content?

On the other hand, you can use AI without any hesitation for presenting your content. Let me give you an example: Netflix presents its contents to the users using AI recommendation system, which allows the company to save about $1 billion each year. These personalised recommendations also brought loyal users to Netflix. AI based email marketing is important. 87% of current AI adopters said they were using or considering using AI for sales forecasting and for improving email marketing. But, email markets seem to ignore this opportunity as only 17% of email marketers are planning for AI. Automation is taking the lead in this arena.

You can also get help from AI to interact with your users through chatbots. The software enabling chatbots can be elevated by using AI to reply to the user like a real person. Many apps and companies make use of it to answer the queries and concerns in real-time.

These chatbots can even receive a personalised order by leading the user and interacting with them in a personal tone. Facebook Messenger is a famous sample among chatbots that are smart thanks to AI.

Effects of AI powered content to businesses

Content marketing, for most, takes up a large percentage of companies marketing budgets. The whole process of content creation requires expertise and hard work. Correct analysis is the key to produce high-quality content. Once you deliver relevant and quality content to your audience, it means better user experience and healthy bonds with them. So we can summarise the most significant advantage of AI-powered content to businesses as a practical way to establish bridges.

The material of the bridge is data, which is not a piece of cake to analyse and set a strategy. AI does the technical work to make the process easier for marketers. Teams can choose when and where to use AI for their content marketing: strategy, content creation, analysis, and report. The effect of AI will depend on the choice of the team.

Is AI Powered Content a Problem for Internet?

A terrifying thing of AI is probably that those things are in different shapes and acting just like a human in many ways. The content by human-like machines may dominate the Internet soon. That can result in loss of trust or the emotional bonds between the companies and the user, that was set through online services, may vanish into thin air. On the other hand, AI, when used to accelerate the analysis, strategy and reporting processes, will help you achieve your goals sooner, easier, and cheaper. So more relevant content, created for a specific audience, is an excellent occasion for the Internet.

How to define your strategy for AI powered content?

AI trends for 2020 are affecting the content marketing world as well as all other sectors. AI is a helpful partner to maintain and increase engagement on your website. However, as a partner, you have a crucial role in achieving your goals with the help of AI: defining your strategy. Let me help you go through this step successfully, as there are specific tips to define your strategy for AI powered content.

Step 1: Set your goals

Set your mind free and try to come up with solid goals. Are you looking for more clicks on your website, or increase your revenue by 75%. Be realistic and purposeful. Do not push yourself to adopt other companies’ goals.

Step 2: Turn data into insight

You can’t expect to succeed by chance without any targeted effort. And correct insight through a successful analysis is the key to define the most appropriate strategy. AI’s best help comes for analysis that you need for a well-set strategy, which allows your output to match with your goals. As it is challenging to deal with data manually, marketers may take advantage of the rise of artificial intelligence. Using AI tools to gain valuable insights into your users and their preferences enables you to provide the most attractive and relevant content.

Step 3: Choose topics and distribution channels

What is your target audience interested in while spending time online? This step requires you to find relevant and trending topics. According to the statistics in 2020, Google processes over 7 billion queries a day worldwide, and more than 5,760,000 blog posts are published on the Internet every single day. Internet is full of content and queries. Once you find the most relevant topic and pinpoint keywords, you have high chances to be seen by your audience. Also, you need to determine your distribution channels for each topic and group of audience before creating content. A random approach to distribution may cause your whole strategy to collapse.

Step 4: Create your content

Your content can be an article, a video, an infographic, and such. There are various AI tools to make this step easier for you, but I would recommend you not to miss human touch in your content. AI can help you design your content visually or technically. How many keywords do you need to use? Where to place your images? AI is there to help you.

Step 5: Analysis and reports

Strategies are never-ending, as they always need to be reconsidered and updated if necessary. Please do not rely on your strategy for a long time, or you may be old-fashioned all of a sudden. The success of a strategy for AI powered content comes from its flexibility to adapt changes in technology.

Guest author: Gizem Tas