How do we improve organisational efficiency in finance? There is an expectation of finance firms not only to manage your money, but also to provide great customer service quickly and effectively. With thousands of customers with countless different queries, it's not realistic for employees to be expected to manage the volume of customer needs. This is where AI and chatbots come in. Utilising natural language processing to help identify the customer needs and deal with the issues effectively saves both time and money.

At the Deep Learning in Finance Summit this March 19 - 20, AJ Hashim, Head of Innovation & Emerging Tech at Barclays will be presenting on The Use of Chatbots and Natural Language Processing in Financial Services Organisations to Improve Client Experience and Reduce Operational Cost.

AJ's presentation will explore the latest trends in Natural Language Processing and how this technology is being used by Financial Institutions today to deliver real benefits for banks and for clients. It will also explore the approach taken to testing these technologies and how best to experiment and deploy within a large corporate environment. AJ has lead the Innovation and Emerging Technology team at Barclays for the past 2 years, developing future technology strategies and executing through proof of concepts in the Corporate Bank. He has delivered a number of high profile initiatives for the bank, pioneering the use of AI and Blockchain across the technology estate. He previously did his Masters research into the optimization of making financial decisions using artificial neural networks, and has a passion for the commercial applications of new technologies.

At the Deep Learning in Finance Summit last year, AJ joined us in an interview to share his work and answer some more questions, exploring topics such as his background in FinTech, and his current work in AI and innovation. Watch the interview here to see what to expect at this year's summit.

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