At each RE•WORK summit, we welcome a large variety of startups. With our key partners, we are taking a look at some of the most cutting-edge startups to watch out for.

Startups are at the forefront of breakthrough innovation, where they have become a crucial part of any AI landscape. They have disrupted traditional industries, such as healthcare and finance, to name a few, with their creativity and innovative solutions. These industries have been able to benefit from the large influx of startups, who have filled voids and addressed gaps that otherwise wouldn’t have.

Ahead of the Deep Learning Summit, Toronto, we spoke with Samir Kumar who is Managing Director at M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund. M12 will be co-hosting the networking drinks at the end of the first day of the summit, with Silicon Valley Bank. Networking has always been a key element of the RE•WORK events, and networking drinks provides the environment for our attendees to be able to create good business contacts & partnerships to further their work.

"I first gained traction in the field after meeting a representative of NVIDIA at a RE•WORK conference 3 years ago who became our first partner" - James Parr, NASA Frontier Development Lab

If you’re attending the summit, make sure to speak to M12 & Silicon Valley Bank about the new and exciting startups in the area.

Samir shared a few startups he thought we should be looking out for and why they would be impactful for the future:

Company: Voiceitt

Industry: Healthcare

Where They’re Based: Tel Aviv

Voiceitt is building speech recognition models for those with speaking disabilities and speech impairments. Voiceitt is developing pioneering voice accessibility systems for individuals with non-standard speech patterns. Their principal aims are inclusion and independence, and they are looking to give millions all over the world their voice back.


Company: Envisagenics

Industry: Healthcare

Where They’re Based: New York

Envisagenics are applying machine learning to RNA sequencing and RNA splicing errors that can lead to new drug discovery and therapeutic compound for genetic diseases. Their breakthrough technology, SpliceCore, is a cloud-based platform that is experimentally validated to predict drug targets and biomarkers through splicing discovery from RNA-seq data, using Artificial Intelligence. Envisagenics are using their software to identify splicing errors causative of diseases, identify the right drug-targets and develop RNA therapeutics through partnerships and collaborations with Biopharma.


Company: Aira

Industry: Healthcare

Where They’re Based: La Jolla, California

Aira is using augmented reality to connect people who are blind or with low vision, to a trained, remotely located agent who is dedicated to further enhancing their everyday experience. The service uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality in order to provide independence, engagement and improved everyday experience to the visually impaired.


Company: Netradyne

Industry: Transport

Where They’re Based: San Diego, California

Netradyne is building a deep learning powered black box for trucking and other vehicle fleets. The aim is to reduce traffic accidents and deaths by positively affecting driver behavior. With their Advanced Driving Monitoring and Driver Assistance System, Driveri™, they aspire to enhance human and vehicle performance.

“RE•WORK events attract cutting-edge early stage startups who are working at the forefront of AI in their industry. It’s a great place for me to meet emerging talent and find promising new companies to work with. At each event, I’ve had some really great conversations with a diverse range of attendees and have seen the events expand year on year so I’m excited to continue the journey in Toronto.” - Samir

This will be a continuous feature on our blog from now on. If you would like to share the startups you think we should be watching out for, contact Eunice [email protected] to join the series.