Following the success of the inaugural RE•WORK Machine Intelligence Summit in Berlin, the summit is now coming to New York!

On 2-3 November, over 200 attendees will come together in New York to hear keynote presentations and panel discussions, explore a startup showcase area, and participate in open mic Q&As, all focusing on the latest developments in machine intelligence.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence tools are solving challenges such as natural language processing, data analytics and pattern recognition in industries including finance, communications, transport, retail and healthcare. Machine Intelligence is creating a significant impact on the speed at which large amounts of data are processed and analysed, allowing businesses and organisations to solve problems such as disease detection, security breaches and customer engagement.

At the summit, global experts from the field will look at use cases and applications for these technologies, as well as exploring how these tools and techniques work, providing a broad view and understanding of machine intelligence, and discussing where business and society will feel its impact.

Confirmed speakers include:
  • Siddhartha Dalal, Chief Data Scientist, AIG
  • Tara Sainath, Senior Research Scientist, Google
  • Antoine Bordes, AI Researcher, Facebook
  • Nicholas Roy, Associate Professor of Robotics, MIT
  • Ross Goodwin, AI Researcher, NYU
  • Clement Farabet, Senior Software Engineer, Twitter
Top 5 topics not to be missed at the summit:
  1. Computer Vision, used in areas such as video analysis, allows machines to gain high-level understanding from digital images, and make decisions based on the data extracted. This technology is widely used for industrial automation and autonomous vehicles.
  2. Natural Language Processing capabilities allow machines to understand spoken and written human speech. Though primarily applied to communications and customer service, it can also be used to process data relating to many other areas, including product design and improvement.
  3. Computational Creativity is an emerging area within machine intelligence. Whether composing music, creating new cooking recipes or writing screen-plays, machines are proving that they too can be creative.
  4. Machine Learning in Healthcare is enabling huge leaps forward in drug discovery, gene identification and diagnostics, as well showing promise in areas such as doctor time and efficiency, surgical robotics and aiding mental health.
  5. Deep Learning Algorithms can help content-based businesses build adaptive systems. This is set to impact everything from healthcare to entertainment, in technologies such as personalised medicine, and recommendation systems for video and music services.

View the full schedule here.

Who you will meet:

The Machine Intelligence Summit is a unique opportunity to meet leading academics, industry pioneers, influential technologists and cutting-edge startups. Interact with and learn from experts in machine learning, computer vision, IoT, data mining, analytics and predictive intelligence, to share best practices to advance the impact and opportunities of AI.

View a video summary for the Machine Intelligence Summit in Berlin, June 2016:

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