Happy New Year from all of Team RE•WORK! We’d just like to remind you that we’re offering 25% off all events in 2018 (excluding dinners) when you register with the code NEWYEAR before January 5th! Who said anything about January blues?!

To round off out 12 Days of AI, we’re taking a look back at the passed year and sharing some of our team highlights!

The team has doubled in size this year so I’ve enjoyed the process of growing the team and seeing our new team members grow and develop in their roles. We’ve hosted events in new locations and on new topics, and we’ve recently launched new digital content including white papers and podcasts, so it’s been great to see the whole team challenge themselves by taking on more responsibility and thrive on new opportunities. We’re already looking ahead to 2018 to exciting new products and ideas still to come!
Nikita Johnson, CEO & Founder

I’m really proud to be working with such a well-rounded group of positive and hard-working individuals. We’ve also experienced the enthusiasm and creativity of five University placement students over the year! I’m looking forward to seeing existing team members growing into management roles and developing their expertise as well as welcoming new team members to help develop our events in new locations and a few other projects that remain under wraps for the time being!
Pip Curtis, Director

Last January, we said goodbye to our first intern, Diane, as she headed back to complete her studies in Switzerland, but not before she pulled off the incredible Virtual Assistant Summit in San Francisco. The event was a huge success with speakers from Google, Renault, Inbenta, x.ai, Slack and many more coming together to share their cutting edge research and work in VAs. By March, we had welcomed three new interns and the full time team was growing quickly. We then hosted our first Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit in San Francisco where we heard about applying IoT, sensors, AI and data analytics to create smarter, safer, and more efficient transport.

To round off the trip, the team were lucky enough to visit the Pixar Studios thanks to the fantastic Alonso Martinez, technical director at Pixar Animation Studios, who spoke about the building blocks of creating empathy in digital characters at the Virtual Assistant Summit.

The first half of the year is always busy with events, and by June we’d hosted 14 events in five cities in four countries, over three continents. Although we were already full steam ahead for our Autumn events, it was time for a well deserved break.

‘The last year at RE•WORK has seen the addition of many new team members and it has been great to see the team grow allowing us to add more events and visit new countries!’ Katie Politt, Global Summit Creator

Going in to the second half of the year, we had our first ever Deep Learning Summit in Canada. Usually, half of the RE•WORK team heads off to the event whilst the others hold down the fort in HQ in London, but for our most popular summit yet, the whole team headed off to Montreal. We were incredibly privileged to have the three pioneers of AI, Yoshua Bengio, Yann LeCun and Geoffrey Hinton appearing on a panel together, as well as giving their own presentations. This was the first time the thought leaders have spoken together at an event, so this was a real highlight of the year for the whole team! We also hosted our first international dinner in Montreal alongside the event celebrating women working in machine intelligence, and we were fortunate enough to record podcast episodes with the inspiring speakers.

What the team say:

‘It has been great working in such a positive and dedicated team. As the team is small it provides the opportunity to share ideas and put them into action. My highlight has been attending the summit in Montreal and being immersed within innovative ideas on how to positively shape the future.’ Lydie Horgan, Global Summit Creator

‘Having the opportunity to interview influential women for the Women In AI Podcast has been an incredible journey so far, and I’m so excited to see the show grow! Of course travelling to new locations for our summits is a great experience, and I’m looking forward to heading to our new locations and exploring new topics in the New Year.’ Yazmin How, Digital Content Manager

‘The best part of my internship was being integrated into a great team and given the  same opportunities in terms of ownership as my colleagues! It was also great to discover new places such as Edinburgh and Montreal and to have some free time there to do fun activities with everyone!’ - Annabelle Norrey, Social Media Intern‘It’s great working in such an energetic and enthusiastic team. It’s a really fun (and foody!) atmosphere.’ Ka Man Hau, APAC Division Lead

'The highlight of my first few months at RE•WORK was having the opportunity to travel to Montreal for our Deep Learning Summit where I got to meet Yann LeCun, Yoshua Bengio & Geoffrey Hinton!' Emily Fernback, Account Manager, Sponsorship Sales

'Going to Montreal and meeting all of the attendees that I had been speaking to before and helping to register was fantastic. Putting a face to a name and getting to know them more was a great opportunity.' Ka Lai Brightley-Hodges, Customer Relationship Manager