Join the likes of NVIDIA, useAIble, TwentyBN and Woebot with RE•WORK's Expo Only Passes at the Deep Learning Summit and AI Assistant Summit in San Francisco this January 25 & 26.

RE•WORK are pleased to announce the launch of Expo Only Passes for the upcoming San Francisco events, on January 25 from 14:00 - 18:00. Guests will be given the opportunity to explore business solutions, network with global AI and deep learning leaders including startups, entrepreneurs and industry professionals, as well as watching exclusive demonstrations of new and emerging technologies. Throughout the afternoon, there will be the chance to attend intimate workshops, hear case studies on new AI technologies from innovators and pioneers whilst you learn from experts to understand new ways to transform your business with deep learning.

The Exhibition Hall is running in conjunction with the Deep Learning Summit and the AI Assistant Summit, and the Expo Passes will provide the opportunity to network with the more than 650 attendees of the summits during the coffee break and evening drinks reception. Confirmed attendees include experts from Apple, Microsoft, Google, Fujitsu, Uber, OpenAI, Amazon, Qualcomm Ventures, Facebook, Target, Stanford University amongst others.

This event is suitable for enterprise end-users of Deep Learning and AI assistant technology looking to understand and apply AI in business.

Guests will have access to the Exhibition Hall where where over 20 exhibitors will be showcasing their latest products and cutting-edge solutions. Throughout the event, there will also be complimentary access to Applied AI & Enterprise focused workshops with leading experts on integrating AI into business. Rix Ryskamp, CEO and Founder of useAIble will be running the workshop 'Getting ROI from ML - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly' where he will examine how to mach machine learning capacities with your organization to ensure ROI. The initial agenda is available to view here.

Exhibitors include:

Woebot – the chatbot using AI to help track your mood, give you insights to patterns that you might not recognise, help you feel better, and be there 24/7. The bot learns from the user over time, so the more you engage with Woebot, the more valuable the platform becomes. Andrew Ng has recently joined the board of directors, assisting CEO Alison Darcy in the company's mission to ‘build a chatbot that will help the millions of people who struggle with their mental  health.’

TwentyBN – leverages deep learning systems using large video datasets to analyse human actions and extract real-time information from video streams. At the RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit in Montreal this October, Roland Memisevic, Chief Scientist at TwentyBN announced a breakthrough in their lab, where their video systems are ‘now able to accurately recognise highly complex human behaviours in video, which had been entirely unthinkable until now.’

NVIDIA – as an accelerator for deep learning, NVIDIA’s Deep Learning SDK provides high-performance tools and libraries ‘to power innovative GPU-accelerated machine learning applications in the cloud, data centres, workstations, and embedded platforms.’ NVIDIA provide business solutions through their DL software which accelerates widely used deep learning frameworks such as Caffe, CNTK, TensorFlow, Theano, Torch, and many other applications.

Lionbridge – provides professional translation and language services through linguistic and data operations that generate high-quality global data to train their systems. The combination of that with global user experience testing, Lionbridge are continually gathering feedback to improve on the human experience with these new intelligent systems. Lionbridge are providing solutions to data problems, as you can offload the program management to improve efficiency and execute business solutions.

As well as running globally renowned events and summits, RE•WORK have published a wealth of content, including our first White Paper, ‘Should You Be Using AI in Your Business?' which is now available for free download. The paper features expert opinions from some of the pioneers of AI who will be presenting at the summits in January including Ian Goodfellow from Google Brain, Daphne Koller from Calico and Eli David from Deep Instinct.