Could you think of using smartphones, tablets or virtual reality devices 10-20 years ago? Nowadays, pupils and students use tablets in classrooms which helps them to find information quicker, exchange educational resources and find all necessary online books for studying topics. This saves a lot of time for young people and makes their study more effective. Researchers say that AI in education will face a huge change, engaging students into dialogs and providing feedback on all possible topics online.

AI makes education exciting and interesting. Our parents couldn't even imagine that studying doesn't require textbooks, libraries and waking up very early. Machinery education is convenient because you can study on your terms, graduate and build up a career that you have been always dreaming about. In this article, we will review the examples of how AI has already affected education.

5 Examples of How AI Has Already Improved Education

1. Language learning

Since AI was implemented, learning languages has become so much easier. Nowadays, everyone can learn any language by having access to the Internet and owning a device. There are no schools and teachers needed to teach foreign languages. Online learners can enjoy various digital exercises without storing or carrying huge and heavy books. For example, a drag-and-drop function that is used to match words with pictures or the exercise that requires to fill the gaps in with new words that you have just learned to replace teachers.

2. Writing and Editing

Being a college student requires a lot of writing and editing. However, with the help of AI, you can write and edit your papers automatically by using such popular services as Grammarly and WriteLab. These websites teach students to write professional papers and help them to get higher grades in college or university.

3. Test Preparation

Young people choose to study with educational recourses that provide flashcards, games and other entertaining tasks to help them prepare for tests and exams. The programs make studying interesting and effective and they were actually proven to help students receive higher grades. A famous organization “Rethink Education” offers video lessons, provides help on test preparation and assists in completing homework successfully. Such an incredible tool helps to study and prepare for exams using a website or an app for a mobile device only.

4. Recruiting

With the help of AI, people can learn how to recruit. Such a famous service as Frontline Education provides a smart platform that helps to improve the efficiency of recruiting and matching. It offers school administration software to manage the business smartly and provide the best services possible for the customers. The software helps to learn how to manage your business, how to set tasks and reach goals without attending training.

5. Nutrition

College and university students like their mobile phones. They carry them everywhere and they actually use them smartly because they download apps that help to manage time, create a schedule and track their nutrition. Famous programs such as MyFitnessPal and Fooducate help students to count calories and keep track of burnt calories by doing physical exercises. Smart machines hold so much information about all products that you can only imagine and some of them even have thousands of bar codes that help to learn about products without searching and reading on the Internet.


Applied educational systems have already become popular among teachers helping them to manage their time and planning lessons quicker, matching a wide variety of skills that need to be improved by the students. It proves that both teachers and students use AI to improve skills and using their time in the most effective and productive way.

Another great example is the School of AI that is popular in more than 80 countries and 400 cities where students can gain knowledge online without leaving their homes or sticking to inconvenient schedules. The school offers a 10-week learning course for free where students can learn about programming. The course includes learning about modern techniques, taking quizzes, coding challenges, and graded projects.

Turn your head into getting an education with the help of AI to gain more skills, practicing them using them in your work.

Jeff Blaylock is an online teacher of programming working with professional assignment writers to create more informational courses. He leads courses for students all over the world allowing them to study from home and gain skills that they can later apply in their job. Jeff uses modern technologies in his work every day and believes that the 21st century brings incredible opportunities for youngsters from all over the world who want to get a higher education online and find the job of their dream.