I am sure somewhere you must have been part of a debate as to why books are better than movies, or why watching movies is better than reading. Due to the advent of the internet, people can easily access information in the form of text or videos anywhere, anytime. Platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and HBO Go have revolutionized the industry, placing a seemingly infinite collection of shows, short clips, informative videos, at the fingertips of millions. Google and YouTube almost guarantee full content within a few minutes—without paying for anything.

There’s a perception that books are good while watching TV or browsing the internet is bad. Why is it looked at that spending a day with books means you are intellectual, but spending a day watching will make you a couch potato? It’s like we know how sugar causes cavities, still we cannot stop eating it. Sun tanning is terrible for our skin, still, we don’t stop going out in it. Back to videos - at the end of the day, visualization is better than reading. Using YouTube for business can be a cost-effective way to grow, especially when used as a regular marketing strategy. When you take a look at these platforms, have you explored what you can learn a lot about the latest technologies?

Here is a selection of the top channels worth subscribing to, to stay at the forefront of the latest AI and machine learning progressions.

  1. Sirajology- This school of AI was founded and directed by Siraj Raval. Being a growing learning community, it aims to offer a free, world-class AI education to everyone.
  2. Arxiv Insights- A machine learning researcher named Xander Steenbrugge started his channel that summarizes certain key points concerning machine learning, reinforcement learning, and AI in general from a technical perspective while making things accessible for big audiences.
  3. Google Cloud Platform- This channel, in particular, helps you in building what’s next within secure infrastructure, developer tools, APIs, data analytics, and machine learning.
  4. Data School- Here Kevin Markham creates in-depth video tutorials for you to understand machine learning topics regardless of your educational background.
  5. Machine Learning TV- This channel features topics such as how-to’s, reviews of software libraries and applications, and interviews with key individuals in the field of machine learning and deep learning.
  6. Giant Neural Network- This channel aims to make machine learning and reinforcement learning more approachable for everyone. Here you will find a video playlist for a full introduction to neural networks for beginners, and it seems a subsequent intermediate neural network series is currently in production.
  7. Artificial Intelligence- All in One- This channel offers several videos related to science and technology.
  8. Sentdex- Harrison Kinsley makes python programming video tutorials that go beyond just the basics. Learn about machine learning, finance, data analysis, robotics, web development game development, and more.
For Tech Insights

TechCrunch- This channel features leading technology media dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.

Information Age- The channel is mainly about the investigation and application of technology for strategic, competitive advantage and improved efficiency. Information Age aims to help its subscribers become more confident and successful in their use of technology, in their choice of IT suppliers and in their management of people and partners.

CNET- The channel provides the latest tech news, reviews, videos, podcasts, how-to’s, and software downloads, making tech products easy to find, understand, and use.

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Ava Barker working as a Technology Consultant at Tatvasoft UK which provides software development services in UK. Coming from a technology background she likes to share her insights about development, design and more. She has also published her author bylines on many different publications online.