Our last events before the summer Machine Intelligence Summit, and Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit are almost upon us, and we are please to be able to offer the chance of winning a complimentary ticket to anyone who recommends 2 inspirational people working in AI. They could be a student, founder of a cutting-edge startup, academic working on a research paper, or an industry expert who would benefit from becoming part of the RE•WORK community, presenting their work or attending a RE•WORK event.

Recommend them here to be in with the chance of attending Amsterdam Summits June 28 & 29th for free.

At the Machine Intelligence Summit, we will learn about the emerging research where machine learning meets AI and hear how the rise of intelligent machines are affecting our everyday lives and their applications in industry. Adam Grzywaczewski from NVIDIA will be presenting on the impact of the deep learning workload on hardware requirements throughout the AI product lifecycle. The talk will explore the hardware requirements for each stage of the product development process and the requirements associated with DL model development, and current trends in DL and their impact on future hardware requirements.

NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute will also be running a hands on 'Image Classification' workshop on June 28th where you can learn to get started with  training, optimizing, and deploying neural networks to solve real-world problems across diverse industries such as self-driving cars, healthcare, online services, and robotics.

Also confirmed to speak at the Machine Intelligence Summit is Tijmen Blankevoort, Co-founder & CTO, Scyfer, Roland Vollgarf, Research Lead, Zalando Research; Pavlos Mitsoulis-Ntompos, Senior Data Scientist, Lyst; Neal Lathia, Senior Data Scientist, Skyscanner; and many more. View the full speaker lineup here.

Over on the Autonomous Vehicle track, we will hear from the likes of Jim Aldon D'Souza, Autonomous Driving Research Engineer, TomTom; Mathias Bürki, PhD Candidate, ETH Zurich and Jan Erik Solem, Co-founder & CEO, Mapillary, showcasing the next generation of connected vehicles. There will also be cutting-edge startups discussing their research and products. Discussions will explore the application of IoT, sensors, AI and data analytics in breakthrough technological research to create safer, smarter and more efficient transport.

Pablo Puente Guillen, Researcher ADAS for Toyota Motor Europe will focus on the current safety concerns surrounding autonomous vehicles and the challenges to effectively assess the safety impact of heavy autonomous vehicles. Continuing his thoughts, we will hear from Sjoerd van der Zwann, CTO of 2getthere is also concerned with the safety of autonomous vehicles as the company deployed the world’s first permanent fleet of self-drive  vehicles in 2006 and are currently testing the 3rd generation of robotic shuttles in the Middle East. This autonomous system will operate on public roads without a safety driver or steward, and van der Zwann will draw on some of the obstacles the company has faced, and how machine intelligence has assisted them in creating new solutions.

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Find out more about the Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit and the Machine Intelligence Summit in Amsterdam this June 28 & 29.