On 26-27 January, we held the Deep Learning Summit and Virtual Assistant Summit in San Francisco, enjoying another mind-expanding 2 days learning about the latest trends and applications in the AI world. During the presentations, panels and networking sessions, we heard from experts at OpenAI, Google, Facebook, Stanford University, Netflix, x.ai, Yale University, Slack, Jibo, UC Berkeley and more.View below for presentations from the summits by Ilya Sutskever, Research Director at OpenAI, and Anjuli Kannan, Software Engineer at Google.

The OpenAI Universe

AI systems are trained to perform one task. While such systems are immensely useful, future AI systems will be general, with common sense and general problem solving ability. To train such systems, we created OpenAI Universe, a software platform that allows an agent to interact with any program or website via pixels, keyboard, and mouse, thus providing access to the vast digital universe of existing programs and websites, and therefore, a great variety of tasks. In this talk, I will present Universe, and preliminary results in a research direction that, if pushed to its logical extreme, will result in systems with a general problem solving ability.

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Learning a Model of Conversation from Data

Smart Reply is a text assistance feature in Inbox by Gmail. Given an incoming email message, the Smart Reply system analyzes its contents and suggests responses that the recipient can select with just one tap. This talk covers how we built Smart Reply using state-of-the-art deep learning, as well as what we learned along the way and why we think it shows promise for the future of virtual assistants.

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