The summer may be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean that your travels need to be over until next year. Why not expand your AI knowledge whilst exploring new horizons, and travel to some of the AI capitals of the world? Over the coming months, RE•WORK are bringing together global experts in AI in New York, London, Toronto, Houston and San Francisco. We’re currently running a Summer Special promotion where you can save 25% on any summit pass when you register before September 7th. On top of this, Early Bird Discounted passes are ending for the Deep Learning Summit and AI For Government Summit in Toronto this October 25 - 26. Register now to save on already discounted passes.

We’re taking a look at these AI hotspots to find out why each location is flourishing and leading the way with advancements and breakthroughs in the field. Find out why a trip to Canada, the US, or the UK will not only extend your summer but put you ahead of the competition for this academic year:

AI in Finance Summit, September 6 - 7

As the home of the most Fortune 500 companies in the US, New York is also home to a world class startup ecosystem and a prime location for sourcing investment for early or mid stage companies. At the AI in Finance Summit this September 6 - 7, John Frankel, Founding Partner at ff Venture Capital, and Jullian Canning, Director at Techstars NYC are coming together in a panel discussion to provide industry insights and tips, followed by an interactive networking session to ask those burning questions. In the past 5 years, 7500 New York based tech companies have been fueled by $34.8 billion of investment, placing it as one of the world’s innovation capitals.

Looking for ideas and activities to turn your trip into a holiday? September should still be balmy in the Big Apple, so why not grab a bike and cycle around Central Park, or check out a Jazz bar after the Summit. Join RE•WORK’s Slack channel to chat to attendees in advance.

Deep Learning Summit & Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit, September 20 - 21

Heading to the Deep Learning Summit and Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit this September 20 - 21? You’ll most likely pass through King’s Cross, home to DeepMind, the company developing the world’s most advanced AI technology. ‘DeepMind was so far ahead of the rest that Google felt compelled to buy the firm for £400 million.’ Trevor Back, Project Manager and Research Lead at DeepMind Health will be presenting his latest work at the summit and will speak about his work with NHS partners on research projects, exploring how technology could help clinicians provide more effective and faster care to patients. Additionally, there is considerable excitement among global investors about London’s AI suppliers, reflected in rising international investment. In the UK, there are 758 AI suppliers of which 645 are headquartered in London, with the top location for AI supplier offices being in the postcode EC2, otherwise known as ‘Silicon Roundabout’.

The British heatwave isn’t over yet, so pack your sunnies and check out some of Silicon Roundabout’s best rooftop bars after you’ve got your fill of AI, or join us at the Attendee Dinner after day one of the summits.

Deep Learning Summit & AI For Government Summit, October 25 - 26

Yoshua Bengio, Yann LeCun, Geoffrey Hinton. Need we say any more? Home to the ‘Godfathers of AI’, the three pioneers spend years working away at CIFAR ‘chiseling away at the abstract computational methods’. Last year saw RE•WORK host their first Canadian summit in Montreal, and due to popular demand, are back in Toronto this October 25 - 66. Geoffrey Hinton will once again be joining the lineup of expert speakers alongside the likes of Brendan Frey from Deep Genomics, Charlie Tang from Apple and Stanley Osher from UCLA. Toronto is maintaining its status as an AI hub with a strong connected network of business growth focused institutions (MaRS Discovery District, Vector Institute & Creative Destruction Lab) calling the city home. Government AI funding allows relatively small companies to create highly profitable, technologically ambitious projects which are putting down roots in Toronto. In 2017, the city created more tech jobs than San Fran, Seattle & Washington DC combined in 2017.

Early Bird Discounted passes are ending, so don’t hang around on this one! Once you’re set, it’s time to start planning your post-event activities - fancy supporting diversity at the Women in AI Dinner? Or maybe the Distillery District is more up your street? The capital of Ontario awaits…

Applied AI Summit & Machine Learning for DevOps Summit, November 29 - 30

After New York, Houston has the second most Fortune 500 companies in the US, and the mayor has recently implemented a tech and innovation task force to better develop the innovation ecosystem, making it an up and coming contender in the AI race. The UH Technology Bridge development will bring 30,000 square feet of incubator space and 200,000 square feet of lab space, offering access to resources and expertise in one centralised location. The rising tech hub is partnered with Microsoft for an IoT alliance, with Microsoft providing local schools STEM education.

Whilst you’re in Houston, why not check out the space station? Having previously heard from experts from NASA at RE•WORK Summits, the space communications team as well as many other areas are leveraging AI to help satellites make real-time decisions, take and analyse accurate pictures of the earth, and many other complex tasks.

Deep Learning Summit, January 24 - 25

With 41% of total global investments of AI in the world, San Francisco and the Silicon Valley are the global capital for high tech, VCs and innovation. Home to many of the world’s leading tech companies such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn amongst others, the state has been at the forefront of artificial intelligence and technology for years. Silicon Valley is worth almost $3 trillion USD, making it a prime location for emerging companies to set up AI ventures. Additionally, universities such as Stanford and CalTech are producing rising stars in AI and technology every year.

In January at the Deep Learning Summit we will hear from the likes of Ian Goodfellow from Google Brain, Chelsea Finn from UC Berkeley, Georgia Gkioxari from Facebook AI Research and many more global experts. This is RE•WORK’s biggest summit to date and will sell out in advance, so register with the summer special discount now and save 25%.

Not from the Bay Area? All the more reason to travel to San Francisco and take a stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge, and sample some Mexican food in the Mission District.

Who said now that the summer’s over it has to be an end to your travels until next year? Pick your top location, or sign up to them all, and explore the AI capitals of the world!