It’s been two weeks since we were in Toronto with the Deep Learning Summit & AI for Government Summit, and we already wish we were back. We couldn’t help but take another look through the social media highlights from the event and thought we’d share some of our favourites. A big thank you to our Twitter ambassadors, @Synced_Global @anitasanchop @marijamijalko @ekkehardernst, who did such a great job of capturing presentation highlights and sharing their thoughts over the two days.

Attendees joined us from both local companies and universities, as well as further afield, with guests from New Zeland, France, Japan and many more. You could feel the excitement of the attendees even before the event started.

Ekkehard Ernst@ekkehardernst

Ready to get started. Artificial intelligence in Government. Finding solutions for tomorrow‘s world! @reworkAI @ILO_Research #FutureOfWork #ArtificalIntelligence

Afsoon Soudi‏ @AfsoonSoudi

It's an exciting week in Digital Products CBC - our Machine Intelligence team is heading out to the Deep Learning Summit Toronto #reworkDL this Thursday and Friday! Jason Cornell will be delivering a talk on "Building Scalable Machine Learning Architectures”…

Day 1 started with some great presentations and discussions, with many attendees highlighting Sara Hooker, Artificial Intelligence Resident at Google Brain & David Cox, IBM Director at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab.

Anita Sancho‏ @anitasanchop

#reworkDL @sarahookr Beyond accuracy. When accuracy is not enough? When it impacts human welfare, then we need expandability. Great talk.

Marija Mijalkovic@marijamijalko

Understanding narrow vs broad vs general AI @neurobongo sets the record straight #reworkdl

Amanda Hughes@amandahughes223

Loving it, nice to see others having the same issues we are having in Nz but also inspiration to move forward.

Samir Kumar‏ @sk121

Fascinating connection between binarization of neural nets during training and resulting robustness to adversarial attacks presented by Graham Taylor from University of Guelph #reworkdl

Rounding up the day, we brought both tracks together for an inspirational presentation with Geoffrey Hinton. It was an honour to, once again, have the global AI pioneer share his expertise in a plenary session on day one of the summits and we can still feel the buzz from his session.

Christopher Berry‏ @cjpberry

It’s Hinton time! #reworkDL

Renita Leung@Renita_Leung

Thank you to the Godfather of Deep Learning/AI Geoffrey Hinton!  It was an honour listening to you talk about distillation and ensemble modelling! It was well worth the mad dash from San Francisco yesterday! #worklife #reworkdl #deeplearningsummit #ai #dl #toronto

Yolanda Lannquist‏ @YolandaLannqist

Geoffrey Hinton @UofT: “What I wish I knew in 1986? That this stuff would work. What I wish I knew now? If the brain uses back propagation.” #AI #reworkDL

Jennifer K Brown@jenkbrown007

Day 2 was no different with some great panel discussions and startups sharing their latest technologies.

Abhishek Gupta@atg_abhishek

Learning about many super interesting use cases for #SmartCities from Farhan from @Huawei at the @reworkdl @reworkAI #reworkGOV here in #Toronto. Would be awesome to talk about some of the #Ethics issues that might arise with these deployments, see …

Synced‏ @Synced_Global

#SyncedOnTheGo Founder of AgriLogicAI Tzvi Aviv introduced their recent #AI approach that can increase soybean yields by optimizing the development of "elite" soy variants. #reworkDL @reworkdl

AI Global Governance@AIGlobalGov

Amazing speakers and great conversation at the Data & Trust workshop Day 2 at AI for Government Summit @reworkdl @teamrework #reworkGOV Thank you to Christopher Alam and Becky Inkster @AiJuris @Dr_Inkster

Marija Mijalkovic@marijamijalko

Reflecting on the history of #AI to appreciate our progress. @tjpoutanen reminds us how it all started. #reworkdl

If you weren’t able to make it to Toronto this time around, all of the presentations given over the two-day summit were recorded from both tracks and will be available on the RE•WORK video hub.