Last week in Houston, RE•WORK hosted the Women in AI dinner, the Applied AI Summit and the Machine Learning for DevOps Summit. Across the week we were joined by speakers and attendees from all industries working to disrupt their field with progressive technologies. It's always great to hear what our guests thought of the events, so we've created some highlights here:

Women in AI Dinner

Encouraging people of all generations and backgrounds into AI is something RE•WORK is passionate about. We're always keen to offer a platform for women to showcase their experience and achievements in the space, and our dinners are an evening of celebration of diversity in AI. At the start of the evening our host, Coutnenay Sieigried from Hello Alice began by encouraging guests to connect and share their highlights on social media - here are some of our favourites:

It was such a delight listening to Giewee Hammond, M.ScAn talk about the sparse data problem in machine learning and Margaret Mayer talk about creating intelligent applications. Thank you #reworkAI and Capital One for organizing a wonderful evening to help us interact with people in the machine learning domain and share informative insights! - Sneha Diwan, Data Scientist, AIG

Had an absolute hoot of a time at the #womeninAI  #reworkAI and the masterclass on sparse and missing data from Giewee was worth its weight in gold! - Adam McMurchie, DevOps Solutions Manager, RBS

Let us never talk of a pipeline problem again. @reworkAI brought together an incredible group of Women in AI tonight (& quite a few male allies). I learned so much from @MK_Mayer @MsDataScience, Dr. Rupa Kanchi of @MDAndersonNews & the other brilliant minds in the room. #reworkAI - Courtney Siegfried, VP Communications, Hello Alice

@reworkAI great information from attendees. Companies with Diverse Talent are More Likely to Maintain Talent. - @20KCourtenay - Andrea J. Stroud, Living Benefits Insurance Producer, InVidaFN

#reworkai amazing dinner with Women in AI in Houston tonight. See you for the Applied AI Summit later this week. - Jan E. Odegard, Rice University

What a fantastic gathering! It was fantastic to be surrounded by so many brilliant women who are blazing new trails in technology! - Amy Goss, VineSleuth

The event was well planned and coordinated, There was a diverse group of professionals at the event, which sparked a lot of great conversation and connections. I will definitely be looking at other REWORK events and recommending.- Andrea Stroud, Senior Statistician

Applied AI Summit & Machine Learning for DevOps Summit

It's always great to know our guests are getting to know each other and also getting excited about the days' presentations before each event. On day 1 before the presentations kicked off, we heard what everyone was most looking forward to:

Josiah Coad @josiah_coad
@reworkAI excited for a line up of speakers of Applied AI!

Dr. Oner U Celepcikay @ocelepcikay
Ready to learn about the latest technologies and tools on #AI and #MachineLearning @reworkAI in Houston #DataScience

OsmosisAI @OsmosisAI
We are at #ReWorkAI this week in Houston! Come visit our booth to learn more how we intuitively utilize and manage computer vision AI end-to-end across the enterprise! #AI #DeepLearning #MachineLearning #VisionAI #ComputerVision

Bedir Tapkan
Networking is my main point at the event, and the number of people I meet will be the success rate for my day. It looks like there's a great audience, so my day should be pretty successful!

What did everyone have to say once the presentations got underway?

Dr.Oner U Celepcikay @ocelepcikay
Meet “Mark the bot” who is now doing repetitive work of creating invoices for @GE_Power and saving time #reworkAI

Chris Corriere @cacorriere
Less than 15 min into @reworkDEVOPS  & we encounter game theory & Nash equilibria as an #AI decision maker from @mar_fok This is excellent! 🤓 #reworkDevOps

Peter Rejcek @poliepete
Looks like #GE is backing bots big time for robotic process automation. #reworkAI #RPA #AI

Andrea Stroud @AJStroud_APQC
Biao "Bill" Chang, senior Data Scientist @eBay "Business insights help to translate a business problem into a technical one so that AI algorithm has an adequate objective." #reworkai

BlueData @BlueData
On stage at @teamrework’s #AI Summit in Houston, @GMFinancial presents “Driving Innovation w/ #MachineLearning in the Enterprise” #reworkAI

Kohsuke Kawaguchi @kohsukekawa
I'll be presenting in Machine Learning for DevOps summit today about what I learnt in @cloudbees and @jenkinsci

Learn for Life Nigeria™ @LearnforlifeN
It’s amazing how Artificial Intelligence is relevant to every industry and business...AI is the new electricity really. From Education, Telecoms, E-commerce, Engineering, etc

Adam McMurchie @McMurchie
Day one in the bag at #reworkAI & #reworkDEVOPS, this time with a big focus on generating a business return by looking at the wider value chain and optimising multi-functional scrum teams by incorporating Data-Scientists into the mix.

After a jam-packed day hearing from eBay, Lyft, Facebook, Polytechnique Montréal, Coursera, Shopify, Wayfair and many more, it was time for networking drinks. We spent the evening chatting to people about their favourite presentations, workshops, and hearing why they're excited to be at the summit:

  • Love the diversity at the event, not just in people’s backgrounds, but also the wide range of Industries. - Cheyenne Cazaubon, Northwestern University
  • Great to learn about technologies that can help developing nations, especially in Africa. I hope RE•WORK will be there soon! - Uboho Victor, Learn for Life
  • I think this a great event for professionals to learn from people in other fields and apply knowledge to their own focus. Really great event. - Washington Mashingaidze, GCC
  • Our whole team is growing really fast so if you're looking for opportunities eBay really enjoy meeting people at focused events like this. - Bill Chang, eBay
  • Digital transformation is a journey. Beyond the first step, there are challenges. This is what we’re working on and we’re accelerating the transformation to work with both people and processed to work with business and society” - Sath Rao, Hitachi
  • These conferences are really special" "best run/organised conferences that we have been to, and we have been to a lot! We value that you try and hand pick the right folks to bring together" - Mayur Saxena, Droice Labs

Back for day 2, everyone was ready to get stuck into more workshops, discussions and learn about real-world applications of ML for DevOps and AI. TBM4W @TBM4W
Listening to VP of Software Engineering in Conversational AI Platforms Margaret Mayer @mk_mayer speak about @capitalone' #AI, #Eno!

Brandon Ellett @JBrandonEllett
Honored to be representing @hypergiant as a speaker at the Applied AI Summit here in Houston.  The incredible crew of experts in attendance. Great job team @reworkAI

Had a great time on the panel about challenges and opportunities of investing in Machine Learning with @JuniTweets, Lynn Calvo from @gmfinancial and Clint Wheelock from @tractica at @reworkDEVOPS #reworkDEVOPS #reworkAI lots of excellent conversations today!

@AJStroud_APQC @SathRao, Director of Digital Solutions at Hitachi Only 3% of data generated by machines (shopfloor data) is currently being utilized. Data from shop floors tends to be generated in silos. You have connect employees with that data.
Robonauts are coming soon. #reworkAI The Future of People in Space.
Using data to infer deployment profiles for #cloud apps from @vsqr isn't the 1st talk from #reworkDEVOPS to emphasize the limits of throwing more hardware at performance problems & how #AI & #machinelearning can provide alternative options

Gisele Waters, Ph.D. @watersgisele
Last session! Wow what a great organization @reworkAI @teamrework at #ReworkAI @JWMarriott I was super impressed w this #Applied #AI Summit TY 🙏for fantastic experience! @HoustonMatters @HouEX @HBJ_Chris Here is our final panel of speakers @Visa @AmyCGross @JBrandonEllett @ATT

Want to hear more about the presentations and workshops at the summits? Take a look at our highlights from the two days here.