Ever popular in the media the terms artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine intelligence are constantly popping up. The first thing we tend to think of are the big names in tech like Amazon, Facebook, and Google as having a clear use for these tools. Whilst this is true, there are also huge advantages for their applications in businesses and everyday enterprises. DL is constantly being refined to provide solutions and increase business efficiency in a number of areas including predictive maintenance, risk analysis, demand and supply optimization, sentiment analysis, and market targeting.

Does your company use deep learning? Could you be missing out?

At the Deep Learning Summit in San Francisco this January we heard from Andrez Rodriguez, senior technical lead for DL at Intel, who spoke to us about how the limitations of applying these technologies across various market sectors are decreasing as applications are becoming tremendously successful in unlocking economic value for businesses.

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In his talk, Andrez explained how AI can ‘transform the world for the better’ making it safer (with autonomous vehicles), healthier (assisting with medical breakthroughs), and happier (through applications in wellbeing, fitness and lifestyle), as well as through optimizing business efficiency.

On the whole, businesses collect high volumes of data both internally and externally that can be used to train your machine.

Andrez spoke about different strategies that can be used to succeed in deep learning which are transferable across finance, healthcare, retail, and a multitude of sectors. 'Often, companies are scared of the challenge of getting started in DL; one of the reasons being that people believe that they need huge amounts of labelled data, however there is an openness and a lot of researchers who publish their models, data sets, and pretrained models.' As a new company in this area, whether you’re a small startup or a large business, you can take one of these models and apply it to your business. In parallel with this you can train the system with your own data to make it more successful.

The most important factors in employing DL in a business, Andrez explains, is speed and scale which can assist companies in getting the technology functioning to it’s full potential straight away.

Should you be using deep learning in your business?

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