We're excited to announce a new event in collaboration with New Scientist: the Reinventing Energy Summit, taking place in London on 25 November 2016. New Scientist produced a GameChangers report earlier this year, authored by Peter Fairley, a journalist who has been immersed for decades in the energy sector – covering topics from the fall of coal to the challenges of intermittent renewable power to the balance of supply and demand. You can download and read the report here.

Peter's review of the landscape suggests that over the past few years, a largely unheralded energy revolution has quietly got under way: that the feedback loops that have kept fossil fuels strong, and renewables weak, are undergoing a reversal. With renewables ascendant, and fossil fuels on the brink of a public opinion pivot akin to the one experienced by the tobacco industry a decade ago, what can we expect from the energy landscape of 2020?

The Reinventing Energy Summit will explore the opportunities of applying AI and machine learning techniques to efficiently manage energy generation and consumption; predicting energy supply; smart grid management and operations; intelligent control of energy storage; batteries, and much more.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Molly Webb, Founder, Energy Unlocked
  • Daniel Becerra, Managing Director, Buffalo Grid
  • Mike Phillips, CEO, Sense
  • Sally Adee, Technology Features Editor, New Scientist
  • Thorsten Klaus, Head of Building Systems, AlphaEOS

Key topics not to be missed:

  • The reform of fossil fuel subsidies
  • Virtual assistants for smart energy solutions in the home
  • Building automation technology and a new prototype for future energy connectivity
  • Microbial transformations & the long-term energy storage problem
  • Off-grid power & connectivity in frontier markets

View the agenda here. The summit will bring together industry experts, innovative new startups, business leaders, government and entrepreneurs who are progressing renewable energy generation and integration. Join us there to earn from and connect with over 200 industry innovators sharing best practices and insights for applying emerging technology to renewables.Super Early Bird tickets end on Friday 16 September, reserve your discounted ticket here. Tickets for this event are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment!