It's been another busy year at RE•WORK! We've expanded into new topics including Machine Intelligence, Virtual Assistants, Deep Learning in Healthcare and Deep Learning in Finance, in locations including Singapore, New York and Berlin, and we're looking forward to discovering exciting new developments in artificial intelligence at our 2017 events in the year ahead!

I've had the chance to look back at our speaker spotlight series over the past year and I've noted some of my favourite interviews below.

  • Neil Lawrence, Senior Principal Scientist at Amazon shared his research on challenges for democratising deep learning. In this interview, Neil shares expertise on fundamental changes in the deep learning field, data efficiency, privacy, and the challenges we face moving forward. Read more.
  • Yoshua Bengio, Full Professor at Université de Montréal is a renowned figure in the deep learning field. His current interests are centered around a quest for artificial intelligence, through machine learning, and include: fundamental questions on deep learning and representation learning, the geometry of generalization in high-dimensional spaces, manifold learning, and challenging applications of statistical machine learning. Read more about his influential work here.
  • Carl Vondrick, PhD Student at MIT, has built a deep learning vision system for AI to learn and understand human behaviour and interactions, using popular TV shows and YouTube videos. The resulting algorithm analyzes videos, then uses what it learns to predict how humans will behave. Read more.
  • Deborah Harrison, Writer for Microsoft Cortana, believes that with the right approach, people can come to expect civility, humor, transparency and kindness from interactions with AI, just as they expect the ability to update a calendar. We spoke to her to learn more about her role, and how we can encourage diversity and equality in the field. Read more.
  • The human auditory system gives us the extraordinary ability to converse above the chatter of a lively cocktail party, but this type of selective listening in such conditions is an extremely challenging task for computers. Mitsubishi may be closer to solving this problem with a deep learning framework they call "deep clustering". Read more.

Read further interviews with experts in deep learning, AI, machine intelligence and virtual assistants on the RE•WORK blog.

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