Will you embrace change or will you let preconceived ideas limit your impact on the business world? Human resource practitioners play vital roles in the success of the businesses they work for. But let’s be honest: It’s challenging to stay up to date with all the work. So now the world is telling you to consider AI. You probably can’t imagine that something as surreal as robots can perform your tasks better than you.

For a moment put your preconceived ideas aside and consider the possibility that your job can become much easier overnight. More than that, you can become more effective at helping your employers build the best teams and reach their business goals easier than before. It’s a new frontier and you’re invited.

The Wonder of AI

Firstly it will help if you understand the terminology better. If you’ve come across mentions of AI and machine learning chances are you’ve heard the terms interchangeably. Let’s be clear: AI is the concept of machines that think in ways very similar to how humans do. Machine learning refers to a machine or robot learning something new without a human programming it to understand that concept. Therefore AI is the broader concept and machine learning is simply an application of this concept.

Through machine learning AI robots can deduct how to act. The machine can make these deductions by monitoring a human’s actions such as how a worker transfers data from one spreadsheet to another. After it learned how to do this the machine will then be able to do this by itself. Because AI takes care of those tasks the worker can focus on other tasks. And that’s only one way AI can transform the working environment and benefit workers. Now let’s get into how this and other features can help you in your office to build & manage a team.

5 Ways AI Will Help Your HR Department

AI Determines What Employees You Need

AI’s other astounding ability is to analyze Big Data. You have a lot of employee information in your files and on your computer if data is stored on HR software such as the ones found here. This information can give you insight into what your company needs. Historical data combined with your company’s business plans can help you gauge:

  • What role players your company will need in future to reach its long term goals
  • The type of personalities that best fit your company culture

Making accurate deductions takes time, but not if you’re using AI. You can feed a robot information and it can analyze the data, take note of the employees and role players you already have & then provide a report of what type of employees you need to hire. Remember, expert HR practitioners don’t simply hire who the company needs today when somebody leaves the company. Rather, in conjunction with the leadership you need to plan ahead and source the individuals that will help take the company to new levels five years or a decade from now.

AI helps you gauge accurately who to look for.

AI Helps You Source the Employees You Want

Now you know what type of employees you want, but what are the chances you’ll find these individuals? Once again AI comes to your rescue because robots can do in an instant what will take you weeks to accomplish. The web is filled with chat rooms, databases and people’s profiles. Some of them can be exactly what your company needs but you don’t have time to work through online resumes. AI has become so smart that it can gauge from a person’s profile whether there are characteristics that will be beneficial to your team now or in future. You can now approach these individuals and invite them to interviews.

AI can even manage the recruitment process in terms of answering potential candidates’ online questions so you have more time to handle the personal interviews. You may feel this makes employee sourcing very impersonal but AI responses can seem very lifelike. You also have the benefit of AI making the process fair because it’s not prejudiced. Everyone out there will get a fair chance of becoming part of your winning team.

AI Helps You Impress During Interviews

Once you have an ideal candidate in your interview room you must realize you’re being interviewed too. These days not everyone will simply settle for the first job that comes by. Employees want to know they’re part of winning teams and this means technologically driven teams. If you want the best candidates to work for you, you need to show you have a modern approach and you’re open to the possibilities that modern technology provides. When AI is part of your office functioning and can be mentioned in your company profile you’ll have the winning candidate’s attention.

AI Manages Your Current Employees Better

It’s not only about getting new employees but you can already improve your management of the current crew.  

A huge challenge for HR practitioners is finding out someone is unhappy or considering a career change on the day the employer receives the resignation letter. Then you have the task of finding a replacement fast. Why not let AI warn you?AI can monitor workers’ online activities and correspondence. This tech is smart enough to analyze and deduct from this information who is likely to leave in the near future. This warning system gives you the chance to discuss the situation with the employee if you want him or her to stay. At the very least it gives you more time to fill that role. When the new employee arrives AI can do a much better job at onboarding someone than another employee. A robot will provide standardized information rather than doing the bare minimum because other tasks feel more pressing.

AI is going to Help You Keep it All Together

Managing an HR office can be quite challenging and to help you get through each day you should harness all the power of AI. Let these machines manage your schedule better, remind you when to do performance appraisals and handle repetitive tasks on your behalf after it was taught through machine learning. Does it all make more sense now? Can you now imagine better outcomes without requiring more effort from you? The only thing that will require some effort is putting a stop to doubting the robots and allowing them to take a few tasks off your hands. Then sit back and enjoy the outcome.