So it has been a week already since the Reinventing Energy Summit in London in which we had lots of great speakers including Mustafa Suleyman, Co-Founder and Head of Applied AI at DeepMind; Chris Goodall, Author of The Switch and Arthur Kay, CEO at bio-bean, amongst many others.

Incase you missed the keynote from Mustafa Suleyman from DeepMind I am sharing with you our notes from the session with some useful links. Also, check out our Storify page with pictures, tweets and quotes from the day.

DeepMind have made remarkable progress with AI and ML over the years. Useful in many different environments such as energy and healthcare which are the areas Suleyman focused on during his session at the Reinventing Energy Summit.


Suleyman introduced his session talking about AI in Healthcare and provided some alarming medical stats showing the need for technologies to better improve healthcare for the future.

"250,000 people are dying per year due to medical error" and there are challenges in detecting blinding diseases. "1/4 of the population are obese", those individuals are "40 times more likely to get diabetes" which is causing them to be "35 times more likely to suffer sight loss". However "98% of these cases can be prevented with early detection," that can be aided with better technology.

He then refers to Moorfields Eye Hospital - NHS Foundation Trust who are collaborating on a research project with DeepMind to investigate how machine learning could help to improve the analysis of scans, giving clinicians a clearer understanding of eye disease, which in turn will lead to earlier detection and intervention. Read more about the collaboration here. Moorfields Eye Hospital are speaking at the Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit in London 28 Feb - 01 March 2017.

Additionally, AI can be used to read CT scans to improve radiotherapy cancer treatment. "40% of cancer patients receive radiotherapy" and it takes a long time to evaluate the CT scans, with many hospitals not meeting the "60 day wait target". However with AI-assisted radiotherapy treatment, this time can be significantly improved as well as teaching the clinicians more about the treatment. Read more about the treatment here.

Rethinking Energy Consumption

Suleyman discussed the current issues we are facing with energy consumption. We are approaching an inflection point in global temperatures and energy consumption is the biggest contribution to global consumption with data centres consuming 3% of global energy.

Suleyman talked about how DeepMind AI reduced Google's Data Centre cooling bill by 40%, and overall building overhead by 15%. DeepMind have published an article on this which can be read in full on DeepMind's blog here.


At the end of the session Sally Adee, Technology Features Editor from New Scientist asked Suleyman some questions which I have recorded below:

1. Reducing cooling load by 40% and increasing building      efficiency. Is it scalable?

This is unknown at the moment, but it is the intention. Plus, it can be used in other kinds of environments.

2. As complexity increases in a system, catastrophe      increases. Does this raise the risk?

Human's are in the loop. We need to understand complex systems and collect more data. This will need to be deployed sensitively and appropriately as it's important to constrain them. Local storage, distribution and renewables is crucial.

3. IoT attacks - Will connecting up systems leave people      vulnerable?

It wasn't an IoT system we used, but IoT does increase the surface area for an attack. The trade off is to pursue the utility that these systems can deliver but only safely and with the securities we have in place.

You can view a summary of some of the talks from the Reinventing Energy Summit here.

If you want to discover more about technology in healthcare check out the Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit in London 28 Feb -01 March 2017 in which Moorfields Eye Hospital will be speaking (Early Bird discount ends on the 6th January) and the Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit in Boston 25-26 May 2017 (Super Early Bird discount ends on the 13th January).

See the full events list here for events focused on AI, Deep Learning and Machine Intelligence taking place in San Francisco, London, Singapore, Boston, Amsterdam, New York and Hong Kong.