How would you feel if you were scheduled in for a operation only to hear that your surgeon was being replaced by a robot?

Whilst this isn’t quite the stage machine intelligence in healthcare has reached, we’re creating more and more advanced machines striving to match human intelligence. In Hong Kong this June 6 - 7, we will be joined by experts in AI and Machine Intelligence at the Machine Intelligence Summit and AI in Healthcare Summit where we will explore the transformation of medical imaging, diagnosis, and the rise of intelligent machines to make sense of data, and to revolutionise healthcare applications.

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At some point in our lives, the majority of people will need to use a healthcare service whether this is for a scan, an operation or medication. Previously, diagnosing and treating diseases has been a lengthy process, but as AI is advancing so rapidly in the space, healthcare professionals are able to treat, diagnose and even predict disease more efficiently, and with decreased error.

Joining us in Hong Kong, Ankur Purwar, Principal Scientist at Procter & Gamble will discuss diagnostics and personalisation in skin care via AI. It’s not uncommon to be uncomfortable with your skin pigmentation, texture, or scarring and the mass beauty aisle is often crowded and confusing and experiences with beauty counselors in specialty department stores can be overwhelming. Ankur will share how he is working towards personalised skin care with the newly developed Olay Skin Advisor, a web-based skin analyst and advisor tool that uses AI to address this problem.

Continuing the discussion on personalised medicine, Artur Kadurin, Chief AI Officer at Insilico Medicine will talk about using AI-driven blockchain solutions to return the control over personal and medical data back to the individual. The platform Insilico Medicine are using, Longenesis, facilitates human data transactions between Contributors (the general public) and Customers (Drug development/Pharmaceutical companies). Artur explained how leveraging machine learning to generate meaningful leads in illnesses such as cancer and age related diseases is ‘humanity's most pressing cause and everyone in machine learning and data science should be contributing.’

Presenting at the Machine Intelligence Summit, Danfeng Li, Director at Alibaba will explain how user behaviour data is a goldmine, and will explain how they ‘dig it’. When businesses have behaviour data on their customers that’s directly related to their business it’s easy to read, but Danfeng will demonstrate how seemingly non-related behaviour can also be very useful through ML and data mining. The examples Danfeng will use will be in internet finance risk control, and online advertising to show how sophisticated models can find the underlying correlation between business goals and online behaviour.

Every industry touched by AI is being transformed, and NASA Ames Research are using  machine learning for space projects. Last year in Boston we heard from  Sangram Ganguly from NASA Earth Exchange Platform who explained that their vision is  ‘to provide science as a service to the Earth science community addressing global environmental challenge’ and to ‘improve efficiency and expand the scope of NASA earth science tech, research and application programs’. This  year Hamed Valizadegan, Senior ML Scientist will explain how the success of the space projects depends much on our ability to understand and analyze their collected science and engineering data. In the science domain, the amount of collected data is so very large that requires building automatic tools to make sense of them. In this domain, often the data is not annotated well and/or there is not enough representative features for effective model construction.

This is RE•WORK’s first summit in Hong Kong, following an increasing demand for Summits to be hosted in Asia after a the hugely successful Deep Learning Summit in Singapore last year. This event will sell out, so register now to guarantee your place. Super Early Bird tickets are on sale and you can save nearly HK$4000 when you register before February 16.

Additional confirmed speakers include: Michal Szczecinski, Head of Analytics and Data Science, GoGoVan, Johnson Poh, Head of Data Science at DBS Bank, Pallab Maji, Senior Research Engineer at Mercedes-Benz R&D India, Lawrence Wee, Chief Data Scientist at Allianz Asia-Pacific and many more.