The artificial intelligence market is growing rapidly, and companies are now looking to invest in technologies that can help them gain a competitive edge in business. What are the latest breakthroughs in machine intelligence research and how will their application impact the future of business and society?

Machine Intelligence is the umbrella term for the growing ecosystem of companies working in the areas of artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning and robotics fields. The explosion of this rapidly advancing market has caught the attention of press and an increasing number of large-scale investments, and despite the hype there are valuable applications of the technology which can be used to help us to solve real challenges in business and society.

With only one month to go, we’re highlighting the 10 not to be missed topics at the upcoming Machine Intelligence Summit, taking place in New York on 2-3 November.

The Future of Talking Machines: What’s Next?

1. Facebook AI Research (FAIR) have created memory networks to improve natural language understanding for question answering and dialogue management. Read our Q&A with summit speaker Antoine Bordes, Research Scientist at FAIR, here.

2. How can natural language processing (NLP) help you develop better products? Avneesh Saluja of Airbnb gives us an insight into how the company that changed travel are leveraging machine intelligence technologies.

Real-World Applications of Machine Intelligence

3. How can machine intelligence improve education? Chaitanya Ekanadham from Knewton will give chase expertise on using deep learning to identify deficiencies, provide appropriate remediation, and report actionable insights to students, teachers, and administrators.

4. Industries such as healthcare are prime targets for disruption by machine intelligence. At the summit, we’ll be holding a session that looks at the impact of AI on areas like diagnostics and drug discovery, as well as the ethics and risks of applying machine intelligence to medicine and healthcare.

5. Worried about the future of food and how we will be able to feed the growing world population in 2050? Erik Andrejko from Climate Corporation will be delivering a presentation on using machine intelligence in agriculture for a more efficient and sustainable food supply chain.

Discover the Latest Machine Learning Methods

6. Nervana Systems, a renowned company in the machine learning space, was recently acquired by Intel in a bid to improve their AI offering. Hanlin Tang, Senior Algorithms Engineer, will join the summit to share expertise on using deep learning at scale.

7. Clement Farabet join us again to update us on how Twitter is using deep learning for Content Representation. You can view his previous presentation here.

8. Machine learning is teaching computers to predict future human behaviour. Don’t miss Carl Vondrick’s talk on his pioneering DL algorithms that use YouTube videos and TV Shows to train machines in clairvoyance.

How Can You Leverage Machine Intelligence For Your Business?

9. Machine intelligence can provide a sharp competitive edge in business. Alexander Statnikov, VP of Machine Learning and Digital Modeling at American Express, joins us on the panel discussion to explore how advances in AI are helping them protect their clients.

10. Are you looking to hire experts in machine intelligence areas like neural networks, social robotics or computer vision? Or perhaps you’ve just graduated and are ready to share your skills with the AI world? At our speed-networking talent expo you can connect with your dream employer or employee!

Attendees at the summit will include CTOs, founders, data scientists, researcher directors, software engineers and entrepreneurs from companies and institutions such as Google, Accenture, Intel, Fujitsu, Capital One, Harvard University, Comcast, Etsy, Samsung, MIT and more. Join us there to connect with and learn from the leaders of the machine intelligence revolution.

The Machine Intelligence Summit will be taking place in New York, on 2-3 November 2016. Tickets are limited for this event, so register early to avoid missing out! Book your place at the summit here.