Despite the recent surge in interest in smart homes and security, less than 20% of US citizens actually own a home security system - and less than a third of those that own one actually use it. Why? Because they're complex, overreactive and difficult to manage.

BeON Home wants to solve this and take a new approach to home protection. Addressing key concerns around safety and security even for those who own a traditional monitoring system, the BeON system takes the familiar light bulb form factor and creates a solution that makes security and safety available and accessible for all members of the household. The BeON lightbulbs' effectiveness is part of its simplicity: just install the bulbs and live your life. Light switch operation remains the same and new safety and security features are operated with the mobile app, while the smart system learns your lighting behaviours and replicates that rhythm when you’re away to create the illusion of home occupancy. Alexei Erchak, CEO of BeON Home, recently presented in the Startup Session at RE.WORK Internet of Things Summit in Boston. We caught up with him to hear more about the founding of BeON and what we can expect in the future.What was the motivation behind founding BeON Home?  Security is the most desirable feature for your home. Yet only 20% of US households own a monitoring system and only 30% of those have them turned on and activated. The founders of BeON Home saw an opportunity to create a security and safety system unlike any other. By turning the simplest everyday device - a light bulb - into thoughtful protection for the home, BeON’s system makes home security and protection familiar and accessible to everyone.How have recent IoT developments aided your progress?  The proliferation of smart home products and the growing awareness of IoT means companies need to be hyper-focused on the experience they are delivering to consumers. When we thought about the design of our product, we wanted to make sure we were giving people not just smart but actually valuable experiences that offer security and safety without rearranging peoples’ lives or routines.  The other big focus in IoT has been compatibility – how will all of these products and services work together to ensure one cohesive solution? The BeON LED bulbs are designed with an intelligent module that can be easily removed and upgraded to give the system new functionality and interoperability.. We want our products to fit into our customers’ homes and coexist with the technology around them.What do you feel has been essential to your success with BeON Home so far?  Our relentless focus on delivering a seamless valuable home protection experience that is as simple as screwing in a light bulb.  Our customers are excited because BeON addresses their emotional need for safety and security based on familiar experiences such as emergency and exit lighting.  There’s a moment when we’re telling the BeON story to someone that you can see it click.  The experience we’re delivering is really unique but relies on the natural connection between light and safety and the comfort and accessibility consumers associate with an everyday object - the light bulb.What do you see in the future for BeON Home?  The BeON LED bulbs create a platform for future automated home protection and new smart home experiences. Through familiar experiences and simple interaction, BeON is showing customers that the ubiquitous light bulb and switch can be used to make a home safer and smarter. The BeON system can be upgraded through software downloads that provide new home protection experiences.  BeON also offers new features and functionality with new modules that insert into the existing BeON bulbs, leveraging the unique modularity of the platform without requiring bulb replacement.  BeON is already developing future modules, such as sound that will further deter theft during daylight hours (if someone rings your doorbell, imagine a dog barking or the sound of footsteps). We also plan to add remote connectivity so people can control the BeON system from outside their homes as well as modules that allow for interoperability with existing security systems.   The BeON system can further expand to perform many different smart home functions beyond home protection provided each experience follows the BeON design philosophy of integrating seamlessly into customer’s lives.  You can learn more about the impact of IoT, connected devices and sensors at the upcoming RE.WORK Connect Summit in San Francisco on 12-13 November.Confirmed speakers include Nadeem Kassam, BASIS Science; Newsha Ghaeli, MIT's Senseable City Lab; James Crawford, Orbital Insight, and more. Early Bird tickets are available till 2 October, for more information and to register please visit the event site here.For further discussions on Internet of Things, Wearables, Connected Devices & more, join our group here.