Algomus is a rapidly growing Detroit area startup that has built Algo the world's first Analyst Workbot and Enterprise ML powered Big Data Analytics platform for media & entertainment companies, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Algomus, who are partnering with RE•WORK for the AI Assistant Summit in San Francisco this January 25 - 26 have just launched Algo 2.0, making their AI enabled workbot even smarter.

Algo's brain is always on. It mines Big Data and develops an internal representation and higher-level understanding to help business people get answers to their questions quickly, easily and accurately. At its core, Algo learns to perform tedious analytic tasks to give business users more time to be strategic and creative.

Algomus, Inc. headquartered in Troy, MI launches their 2nd generation Enterprise Analytics Workbot Algo 2.0 at CES 2018. Through the increased application of Machine Learning, including Deep Learning and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Algo is taking on a more important role in the daily operations of his enterprise customers. The new UI is streamlined, conversational, and context-aware. Algo 2.0 has been optimized to produce answers to complex questions and analytical calculations with flexibility and speed. Improvements in the Natural Language Processing engine and a new Predictive Text feature make the user experience smooth and intuitive.

Key New Features
  • Context-Aware Conversational Interface
  • Chat and Search Based Interaction with Data
  • Multiple Measure Q&A Capability
  • Data Science and Analytical Workflow Automation
  • Custom Calculators, Recommenders and Simulators
  • Enhanced Forecasting Capabilities
  • A/B Test Tracking
  • Data Storyboarding via PowerPoint
  • Collaboration Features: Shared Contexts and Favorites
  • Workflow Integration via API

Algo co-creator and Algomus CEO Amjad Hussain says "Algo 2.0 is transforming from an Askbot to a Workbot, and transforming organizations from being reactive to proactive with their data. It is a big step forward for us and our customers. Algo is aimed at growing the collaborative intelligence profile of our customers, with people and AI agents working hand in hand to deliver exponential business outcomes."

Join Algomus at the AI Assistant Summit where they will be appearing in the Exhibitor & Startup Showcase Area along with the likes of NVIDIA, Woebot, Algorithmia, SmartEar, useAIble, inbenta and many more.

This article was origionally posted on Newswire and has been reposted with permission.