New technology is changing the way we work and live. At the third annual RE.WORK Future Technology Summit we will showcase breakthrough technologies in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, MedTech, 3D Printing, Smart Materials , IoT, and Wearable Technology to explore their impact on business, society and the home. Exciting new startups will share their work alongside established industry leaders, sharing insights into technological advancements, but also real-world applications. We’ve rounded up the top 5 things you can’t afford to miss at this year’s RE.WORK Future Technology Summit, in London on 24-25 September:

1. Discover cutting-edge advancements from over 40 of the world's leading technology and science pioneers. Learn about the latest developemt in: Swarm Robotics & Healthcare from Sabine Hauert at the University of Bristol; Virtual Reality and the Connected Car from Brian Waterfield at Jaguar Land Rover; Wearable Textiles and Fashion Tech from London based CuteCircuit and much more.

2. Be part of a global meeting of minds: meet with over 200 attendees, from world class researchers to cutting edge startups to industry leaders. Meet new collaborators and get inspired with new ideas to integrate into your company.

  3. Cut through the buzzwords and learn how these rapidly advancing technologies will really impact and change your business and lifestyle. How can technologies like IoT, nanotech and artificial intelligence be applied to solve real world problems?

4. Discover new startups leading the way in technological advancements, in the heart of London, a stone’s throw from Silicon Roundabout. Hear from exciting companies in the Startup Session and showcase area, such as Ultimaker and Sentiance, demoing the latest emerging tech ideas and products that will have an impact on education, medicine, future cities, the environment and more!

5. Deep dive into one of the fastest emerging fields of artificial intelligence: Deep Learning. The Deep Learning Summit will be held alongside the Future Technology Summit, giving attendees the opportunity to also explore this exciting and sought-after field, which is poised to disrupt almost every existing area of tech and science.

Feedback from last year’s summitOver the years I have been to many trade shows, exhibitions and seminars specifically aimed at individuals within the Media and Entertainment industry. I can honestly say, that I have never been to series of presentations which have been so mind expanding and inspiring as the RE.WORK Summit”, Ben Dair, Managing Director, Dair Design. “Really great conference - I have increased my knowledge in existing areas and now have new ares of interest that I can draw upon to in my work!”, Erica Neve, Marketing / UX & enabler, The 'MyLife' Project. “A truly inspiring event with fascinating talks designed to expand the minds and perspectives of the attendees - it works.”, Martin Bryant, Editor-in-Chief, The Next Web. “RE.WORK provides a unique mix of technology, from the exploration of latest scientific findings to the start-up that can make them a reality”, Aymard de Touzalin, Deputy Head, Future & Emerging Technologies Unit, European Commission.Don’t miss out; Join the summit to learn more The Future Technology Summit is a unique opportunity to interact with leading scientists, entrepreneurs, influential businesses & exciting startups in the very same place. By bringing together key influencers to share cutting-edge research and developments we can explore how to successfully integrate breakthrough technology such as wearables, 3D printing, augmented reality, smart materials and robotics into industry, the home and the workplace. Meet fellow innovators with the same passion to change the world.Early Bird price tickets for the Future Technology Summit end on 31 July, book now to save £200! For more information and to register, please visit the event website here. For media enquiries, please contact [email protected]. All other enquiries please email [email protected].