The Deep Learning Summit took place in Montreal last week where we learned from the leading minds in AI & Deep Learning, including the AI pioneers themselves: Yoshua Bengio, Yann LeCun and Geoffrey Hinton. Hoping that our attendees enjoyed the summit as much as we did, we collected feedback throughout the event and are happy to share it with you!

We first met attendees during the pre-registration drinks that took place the evening before the event. It was an opportunity for them to collect their badges and enjoy an evening of networking in the lounge of the Hyatt Regency in Montreal.

“With RE•WORK you can have a drink with Yann LeCun, the father of deep learning and meet smart industrials and great great scientists all at the same place.”

Augustin Marty, Deepomatic

“We can’t wait for the panel discussion! It’s going to be really really exciting! We’re sure everyone is very interested to hear what they have to say!”

Jorge Davila, Heldankombenat & Miles Lynam, Deutsche Telecom

“I’m currently working in a small startup with predictive analytics for health trying to analyze health risks in the future and what to do in order to prevent this risk. So I’m looking forward to networking and talking to people about where to get data and what algorithms are best to use for me.”

Alex Oleksandr, Yohda

The morning kicked off with presentations from Aaron Courville, Assistant Professor at the University of Montreal and Hanlin Tang, Staff Algorithms Engineer at Intel before breaking for coffee!

“This is my first ever AI conference and it’s been incredible so far. I am really looking forward to the panel session”

Ian Wayne, Systems Group

“I really like this conference because everyone speaks the same language, everyone speaks technology.”

Derek Wiggins, Sightline Innovation

“My favourite presentation was the Intel Nervana from Hanlin Tang because they were able to apply the same model to solve very very different problems which is what blew my mind. It shows the power of deep learning vs traditional machine learning!”

Jordan Harris, Kingsmen Software

Our colleague Yazmin asked Ira Kemelmacher, Assistant Professor at Allen School of Computer Science and Researcher at Facebook, what advice she could give to people starting in AI and here’s what she answered:

“Come to events like this!! It’s so unique and give you a great rounded view of the space. It’s one of the only events that combines business and applications.”

Ira Kemelmacher, Facebook

We were happy to hear Eric Hamel, Krista Caldwell and Cai John’s feedback at the end of the Deep Learning Summit before leaving the venue.

“The Summit has been great and I have learnt lots of tips for successful AI. My favourite talk was Hanlin Tang from Intel because it was very technical.”

Eric Hamel, Optel Vision

“I really liked the presentation from Miles from Deutsche Telecom because he talked about the dynamic of working with startups and why it is valuable.”

Krista Caldwell, Deepnify

"Great diversity of speakers and seeing the panel of pioneers was the highlight of the summit!"

Cai John, Jackson Laboratory

The two days of the Deep Learning Summit were a real success thanks to industry professionals and researchers presenting the latest advancements in deep learning. Moreover, the Women in Machine Intelligence Dinner has gathered leading minds in machine intelligence for a great night of networking around a delicious dinner.

A big thank you to our attendees and hope to see you at our next events!

Did you miss the Deep Learning Summit in Montreal? FInd out what you missed, and catch up with all the presentations on the RE•WORK Video Hub: