Deep Learning has become a worldwide phenomenon with it being applied to everything, from healthcare to autonomous vehicles to the world of finance.

With the Deep Learning Summit, we have been able to meet data scientists, CTO’s, influential technologists from all around the world and see how they have been developing and applying deep learning.

We asked some of the RE•WORK community to tell us how they said Deep Learning in their language. Here is what they said:

  • English: Deep Learning
  • French: Apprentissage profond
  • Spanish: Aprendizaje profundo
  • German: Tiefes Lernen
  • Portugese: Aprendizagem profunda
  • Italian: Apprendimento profondo
  • Danish: dyb læring
  • Turkish: Derin Öğrenme
  • Chinese: 深度学习 (Shēndù xuéxí)
  • Vietnamese: Hình thức học sâu (hin tuk hok so)
  • Japanese: ディープラーニング (Dīpurāningu)
  • Korean: 딥 러닝 (dib leoning)
  • Russian: Глубокое обучение (Glubokoye obucheniye)
  • Thai: เรียนลึก (Reīyn lụk)
  • Indo Malay: Pembelajaran dalam
  • Hebrew: למידה עמוקה (Lemida Amuka)
  • Polish: Głębokie nauczanie (gweinbokya nowchanya)
  • Hindi: गहन अध्ययन (Gahan Adhyayan)
  • Persian: یادگیری عمیق (yad girie amigh)

Let us know how you say it! Email us at [email protected].

Our Global Deep Learning Summit Series have been all around the world and our next stops include London, Montreal and San Francisco.

Super Early Bird Tickets will end on 23 June for San Francisco. Early Bird Tickets will end on 28 July for London and 18 August for Montreal