Here's the latest news and events from the RE.WORK team! Connecting the Dots: What Does the Future Hold for the Internet of Things? With only 6 weeks to go until the Internet of Things Summit comes to Boston on 28-29 May we're finalising preparations for a busy 2 days of talks, fireside chats, demos and lots more!

The Internet of Things is already here in the sensors, devices, data and cloud infrastructure that connects the already numerous smart devices around us. However the opportunities for an increasingly smart, interconnected world are unprecedented and as billions of devices around the world become interlinked and begin to talk to each other, the wealth of data produced will help us to understand, control and manage better our homes, health, factories and even cities.

Sessions will include:

  • The Connected Car & Real-Time Traffic Information from Bryan Mistele, President & CEO of INRIX, forefront of connecting cars to smarter cities.
  • IoT Innovation in Florida Hospital: Ashley Simmons, Director of Innovation Development at Florida Hospital will discuss how we can integrate sensors, data analytics and tracking technology to create more transparent and efficient healthcare systems.
  • Low-cost, Pervasive Sensing Leveraging Existing Wireless Infrastructure: Rahul Bhattacharyya, Research Scientist for the Auto-ID Labs at MIT will explore the development and integration of technologies that form the framework for the Internet of Things.

Learn how the convergence of new hardware, software and physical devices are combining to create a new industrial revolution. How will sensors and a connected devices change your industry? Register for the IoT Summit now.

Technology Companies Changing the Face of Education

Teachers, technologists, edtech startups, practitioners and policy makers are coming together for a practical workshop exploring how advancing technology including robotics, IoT, wearables, augmented reality and 3D printing will impact education systems. The 2nd annual Future of Education workshop will take place as part of London Technology Week on 15 June at the Hub Westminster, London. Confirmed speakers include:

Early bird tickets end today! Book a place at the event now.    Did you miss last year's Future of Education workshop? Recap here.

Do Customers Really Want a Smart Home, or Just a Smart Solution?

Do people want smart homes or smart solutions? The hype says smart homes are on the rise but some data suggests otherwise. One smart solution is SkyBell, a revolutionary Wi-Fi video doorbell that allows home-owners to see and communicate with a visitor at their front door. SkyBell is becoming a leader in home automation and in DIY home security, providing a new level of convenience, control and security to homeowners. At the Internet of Things Summit in Boston, Andrew Thomas, co-founder of SkyBell, will share insights on the current state of home automation adoption and where it's going next. Using data and feedback from customers, Andrew ‘s presentation will look at how solving problems is the best way to enter the smart home. We caught up with Andrew ahead of his presentation at the summit.  Read the full interview here.

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