Here's the latest news and events from the RE.WORK team!Deep Learning Catches on in New Industries, from Fashion to Finance 2 weeks ago we met with over 400 attendees and speakers at the Internet of Things Summit and Deep Learning Summit in Boston. At the Deep Learning Summit we heard about the latest advancements from Google in image recognition; how the World Resources Institute are using Deep Learning algorithms to predict deforestation; details from eBay on their use of deep learning to categorize products in images posted by sellers; the latest advancements from search engine Baidu, and much more. Media from the event includes:

  • Deep Learning Catches On in New Industries, from Fashion to Finance in the MIT Technology Review
  • Google's A.I. Is Training Itself to Count Calories In Food Photos in Popular Science

View an overview of the event here.

At the Internet of Things Summit we spent 2 days exploring examples of how IoT is impacting our lives for the better, including: BigBelly transforming waste management practices in smarter cities; Florida Hospital integrating IoT to revolutionize healthcare systems; Uncharted Play creating off-grid renewable energy to power the IoT, and much more! Blogs from the event include:

View an overview of the event here.

The Deep Learning Summit: London Edition The Deep Learning Summit is coming to London on 24-25 September! Join us for 2 days of the latest advancements in deep learning applications including: pattern recognition, natural language processing, image classification and video analysis. Confirmed speakers include:

Presentations include:

  • Image Annotation using Deep Learning and Fisher Vectors
  • Learning to Dialogue with Machines
  • Deep Learning for Speech Recognition

Companies attending include Accenture,Tesco, Ocado, Skype, Product Health & more.** Discounted tickets are available until 31 July **BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW

Teaching STEM Using Real World Robotics New technologies are remaking the modern world and changing the way we live and interact, giving both immense new opportunities as well as new challenges. What will growing up in an internet of things, augmented reality, and in the company of robots mean for the children of tomorrow? What should we be teaching and learning to prosper in this brave new world?PiBot is an exciting robot kit for the Raspberry Pi, designed for digital makers wanting to learn and have fun with technology. Harry Gee, Director of Pibot, will present at RE.WORK The Future of Education workshop on Monday 15th June, looking at the emerging approaches for teaching STEM using cutting-edge technology - such as robotics, 3D printing, computing and a fun ‘learning by doing’ approach. We caught up with Harry ahead of the event to hear more about PiBot and how they're changing edtech.Q: What area of edtech are you currently working in?HG: I'm running workshops with young people teaching them how to make robots. Once they build the robot they have to learn how to boss them about by programming them. I'm also designing some build your own robot kits and content. Q: What problem are you trying to address?HG: Technology is advancing into society at a fantastic rate. I'm trying to help young people make the most of it and also avoid its dangers. The best way I've found to do this is through real world robotics. Continue reading here.

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