At each RE•WORK event, together with our speakers and attendees, we explore the latest advancements of deep learning across a variety of industries. Bringing together industry and academia, through a mix of presentations, live interviews and fireside chats, our attendees are able to gain an insight into both the advancements in research and their real-world applications. On our Youtube Channel, we share some of our favourite presentations & interviews from a range of industries with diverse speakers. Here are a few of our favourites.

At the Deep Learning Summit in Toronto, Shane Gu presented “Deep Reinforcement Learning Towards Robotics”. Shane is a Research Scientist at Google Brain, where he mainly works on problems in deep learning, reinforcement learning, robotics, and probabilistic machine learning. His recent research focuses on sample-efficient RL methods that could scale to solve difficult continuous control problems in the real-world, which have been covered by Google Research Blogpost and MIT Technology Review. Shane will be presenting again on his latest work at the Deep Reinforcement Learning Summit in San Francisco, this June.

Whilst recommender systems are regularly found in the context of digital marketing and campaign selections, these powerful algorithms have the flexibility to be applied to a wide range of business problems. Kat James, Senior Data Scientist at Royal Mail explores “Offline Apps of Recommender Systems at Royal Mail” at the Deep Learning in Retail & Advertising Summit in London. Kat received her PhD from the University of Oxford in Statistical Genomics and completed a short Post Doc in Kumamoto, Japan working on the statistical challenges presented by whole blood RNASeq sampling in HIV-2 infected patients. Following on from roles at British Airways building solutions to destination recommendation problems and at Aviva, applying NLP techniques to customer complaints data, she is currently a Senior Data Scientist at Royal Mail.

Trevor Back joined us at the Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit in London, to discuss his collaboration with NHS clinical researchers to use machine learning to help analyse eye scans. He joined us for an interview at the event to let us know the details of his work. Trevor joined DeepMind having completed a Ph.D. in Astrophysics at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh and works with NHS partners on research projects, exploring how technology could help clinicians provide more effective and faster care to patients.

Huma Lodhi, Principal Data Scientist - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Direct Line Group presented “Deep Learning: An Insurance Perspective” at the latest edition of the Deep Learning in Finance Summit, London. This talk focuses on showing the successful applications of deep learning for different tasks ranging from risk modeling to claims settlement. Huma has over 15 years of experience in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning across both industry and academia. She is an accomplished expert with hands-on experience in the development and application of Deep Learning, Kernel Methods, Relational Learning and Ensemble Methods for areas ranging from insurance to health care.

At the Deep Learning Summit, Toronto, we had an exclusive fireside chat with 2 leading female AI experts at Google Brain, Sara Hooker and Natacha Mainville.

Sara is an Artificial Intelligence Resident at Google Brain doing deep learning research on model compression and reliable explanations of model predictions for black-box models. Natacha is Program Manager at Google Brain, joining the Google AI team in order to continue to grow, learn and have a positive impact. Natacha believes in a world with more young women in STEM and leadership positions.

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