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AI has often been described as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It has become a top priority for companies, with many actively investing and exploring the capabilities of AI. AI has been growing at an incredible rate over the last few years and according to PwC, A.I. could add up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Due to a variety of reasons such as government funding, talent location and research opportunities, some cities have become leaders in the development of this rapidly advancing technology and we are excited to visit a few of these locations with our upcoming summits. Here is our list of Top 10 Cities in AI.

1. San Francisco

As one of the leading cities in technology, San Francisco has always been at the forefront of advancements and is an early adopter of AI. Venture capital funding into AI companies have amounted to more than $11.44 bn, making it the leading city for AI investment. San Francisco is home to some of the largest and top-tiered universities, paving the way into AI research, including Stanford University & UC Berkley.

Join us at the next Deep Learning Summit, Applied AI Summit & AI Assistant Summit in San Francisco in January 2020. Previous speakers include Ian Goodfellow, Ilya Sutskever and Timnit Gebru.

2. London

Known as the artificial intelligence capital of Europe, London is home to 758 (and growing) AI companies - double the total of Paris and Berlin combined. The growth of London’s AI sector and its attractiveness as a place to grow and scale an AI company is being driven by the city’s high concentration of highly skilled tech talent and graduates

We are back in London with the Deep Learning Summit, AI Assistant Summit & AI in Retail & Advertising Summit in London this September. Companies & academics who have joined us previously include DeepMind, Element AI, University of Oxford and many more.

3. Montreal

Yoshua Bengio, one of the Godfathers of Deep Learning, has put Montreal on the map in becoming a major contender in the field of AI. McGill University and Université de Montréal, collectively, have a large number of students in AI, making Montreal the largest AI academic community in the world. In 2016, the technology sector in Montreal received over $1.347 billion in foreign direct investment.

Yoshua Bengio will be joining us in Montreal at the Deep Learning Summit & Responsible AI Summit in October this year to highlight his latest research.

4. Tel Aviv

One of the newest contenders within the field of AI is Tel Aviv, with an average of 140 startups created annually over the last 5 years utilising AI. With its strong military background, a lot of the Israeli engineers have prior hands-on experience with AI, making for a rich talent pool in Tel Aviv. Startups have been known to focus more on business-to-business applications.

5. Singapore

The government has identified AI as one of the core technologies that they believe is essential for the country to be “digitally ready”. Singapore has taken the steps to look into the ethical uses and governance of AI through starting the Singaporean Advisory Council on the Ethical Use of AI and Data, consisting of international AI leaders, consumer advocates, and company leaders to take steps to develop frameworks and AI governance capabilities.

6. New York

If you’re looking to get into AI, The Big Apple boasts the highest percentage of AI and machine learning positions in a single metro area, beating out San Francisco. With a number of technology giants located in New York, it has attracted leading talent, especially experts on the ethical, technical, and legal complexities of AI.

Join us in the financial hub of New York for the AI in Finance Summit & AI in Insurance Summit, to discover the advances in AI & machine learning tools and techniques within the financial industry.

7. Beijing

As the capital of China, Beijing hosts Beijing has developed an AI development plan for 2030, where they will put resources into the areas of: the building up of AI capability, the application of AI technologies, the introduction of policies to handle the risks brought about by AI, and international collaboration. Beijing also recently announced the Beijing AI Principles, which will serve as guiding principles for research and development in AI.

8. Bangalore

Bangalore, whilst still largely in the ‘learning’ phase of AI, has been identified as having the largest potential to develop this technology, with a strong foundation in IT and pre-existing ecosystem. Many large industry corporations have already set up headquarters to take advantage of this.

9. Paris

In recent years, Paris has gone under a major transformation within the AI ecosystem. With many industry giants opening research centres in the city, including Google and Facebook. President Emmanuel Macron has previously announced his plan for AI for Humanity which lays out how France will become the headquarters of a responsible European AI ecosystem.

10. Berlin

With a diverse international talent pool and expanding landscape of research within the technology sector, Berlin has been identified as a key hub in the area of AI research and development. It has been identified that 223 AI-focused companies in Berlin, employ about 5,000 people and generate almost 500 million euros in revenue.

Do you think your city should be on the list? Let us know how the AI community is thriving where you are!