Digital marketing itself is a grand invention that has transformed traditional marketing, making it very easy and effective. However, since its outset, there have been several lapses to be taken care of. For example, predicting the behaviour of potential customers is a challenge. But now with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, digital marketing has become mighty efficient with far fewer flaws.

Recently, the number of people trusting AI, with regard to digital marketing has increased, and the reasons which lead them to do so are as follows.

1- User Experience Has Improved

User experience is one of the most significant factors in digital marketing. It’s the comforting user experience that keeps sending the traffic to your website. Through AI, one can easily determine insightful information about users which will help you to determine the design of the website.

  • If you don’t know who your user is, you might not be in the position to provide them the best service.
  • Understanding your user means on point targeting.

2- Predictive Analysis

In predictive analysis machine learning tricks and data are used in such a way that they can bring forth the people who are most likely going to become customers in the future. Make no mistake, that it is just a probability solely based on your data.

  • It makes you save time and your resources.
  • Your “would-be-purchasers” are the reflection of your data. So, if the data is not well-documented, the prediction might never come to materialize.

3- Improved Search Sessions

The intent of the user has taken over the precedence of keywords. The strategy of stuffing keywords into your content is becoming increasingly outdated. Device, date, location and time are the components that carve-out the best possible search results.

4- Targeting Audience Effectively

AI facilitates us with the maximum result in minimum effort. Targeting a relevant audience is always a key for better marketing, and that’s exactly what AI has brought at your doorstep. That being, you can focus on the appropriate users through your ads.

  • As a marketer, your aim is not only to reach out to the maximum number of people but also to the people who can subscribe to your content. All this is possible now by selecting location, interests, age group and so on.

5- Better Promotional Approach

“AI lets you market so efficiently that it does not at all look like marketing.”
Toney Core, CEO of leading online student portal - Crowd Writer

That’s actually what digital marketing coupled with AI does. The audience becomes so accurate through AI that the person receives add feels like that he is seeing what he is looking for.

6- Easy To Talk Chatbots

Well, chatbots are getting increasingly popular. The iPhone feature “hey Siri” is the latest example of that. They serve multiple purposes,

  • Chatbots receive commands verbally which saves you from typing. It rescues people who are non-native to English and face difficulty in spelling their commands.
  • It is also used by multinational companies to tackle the queries of their customers. Facebook does this as well. When a chatbot receives a command which it's not already fed, the chatbot quickly transfers it to human, and this process keeps transforming the chatbot.

“Chatbots may not be human, but they do act like one.”

Michael Clarke, founder of Australian Master – the company provides help to understudies and about to introduce chatbot.

7- Increasing Return on Investment (ROI)

In simple terms, AI saves you from blind digital marketing. You can measure what response you are getting from your marketing campaign and figure out what needs to be improved if there is any room for improvement.

  • It gives the data which enables you for better future planning concerning your market.
  • Ultimately results in better ROI, since it let you invest in an appropriate manner for your marketing. It saves investment and multiplies outputs.

8- Email Marketing

Email marketing has its share of spams but, according to a recent study, 66 percent of the consumers still buy products through email, given that it should be well-executed.

  • Connecting to the customers has no substitution. The medium of email allows you to build a more realistic relationship with your customers than any other channel.

9- Generating Automated Content

“The content generating tools is one reason why we are always on the move.”

H Grant O’ Brien, Content Marketing Manager at MHR Writer.

The importance of automated content can be ironed out from the fact that 60 percent of media is using opting for this.

  • It provides quality content with little to no effort.
  • Saves time which you can consume on orchestrating marketing strategies.
  • Besides creating, these tools will curate and distribute your content as well.


The future certainly belongs to AI. More advancement is being made in the same field, and AI will further revolutionize the world of digital marketing. It has been saving time and effort of digital marketers all around the world.

Author Bio: Stella Lincoln is a blogger from Los Angeles, CA. She often shares her thoughts and ideas on the EducatorHouse. Apart from that, she is working as a Marketing and Business Tutor at AcademistHelp. She loves to encourage undergraduates with her experience and expertise.