Boston was ranked as America’s best city for Startups by the United States Chamber of Commerce in 2017. In addition, they also recognized the city for successfully connecting startups with the dynamic business community.

Artificial intelligence is still a growing field and one of the most well-funded categories. Venture-backed artificial intelligence companies have secured more than $.19 billion in the first quarter of 2018.  Startups in this space offer services ranging from automated data collection from unstructured sources to real-time data analysis and synthesis. Each year, RE•WORK hosts the Deep Learning Summit in Boston, and we've been taking a look at emerging startups in the city. The companies below all have one thing in common: they're advancing AI and applying it to their industry to improve and enhance society.

1. VIA

VIA helps keep the lights on. They virtually combine data within an energy company or across energy companies while maintaining privacy. Keeping data securely onsite is a requirement, hence they have developed the ability to analyze data stored in many remote, secure locations. Using smart contracts to enable anonymous pooling of data provides unprecedented benefits to all of the participating companies including some of the largest utilities in the world.

2. Avrio

Avrio uses AI to help match you to jobs that will propel your career forward and provides the company with a holistic, real-time view of each candidate. Their platform “Ask Rio” answers questions about the company and sees which jobs best fit your experiences. An AI and Machine Learning-based intelligent screening software shortlists the best matching candidates for each open position. Recruiting teams can see a 35% reduction in their workload, increasing recruiter efficiency and providing an unparalleled candidate experience.

3. Talla

Talla is a new kind of knowledge base for Sales and Support team. Their chatbots digitize HR processes and enable employees to access HR solutions from anywhere. Talla takes care of keeping everything up-to-date, relevant, and organized, so you don’t have to, and can aid in delivery and retrieval of key information for employees and customers. Eliminating information silos, knowledge gaps and stale data can save employees 6+ hours each week. They are so confident, they produced a free book "Bullshit, Hype, and a Little Magic" ( ) to make sense of using AI.

4. Insurify

Insurify's auto insurance quote comparison shows you the best insurance policy for the money by helping you sort through the multitudes of companies with their complex premiums and coverage plans. Their AI-based virtual insurance agent can respond to thousands of insurance questions and can give insurance advice any time of the day. It can even monitor rates for you and let you know if a company has a better price.

5. Galaxy.AI

Galaxy.AI has created an artificial intelligence solution to automate the property and casualty insurance claims process. Their use of machine vision and deep learning combined with their mobile phone-based interface delivers claims estimates within seconds at human-level accuracy. Their team has years of startup and AI experience. It has been featured in INC magazine as one of the most promising AI startups for 2017.

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