Robots and robotic assistance is no longer something of the future. In a wide scope of industries as well as in the home robots are being used to improve efficiency and save time, as well as to improve safety and cut costs in business. At the Deep Learning for Robotics Summit and AI in Industrial Automation Summit in San Francisco earlier this summer, RE•WORK brought together experts working in both industry and academia to explore how advances in artificial intelligence are bringing the next generation of smart robots, and also catalyzing the fourth industrial revolution.

At the summits, we heard from global leaders in their field including experts from OpenAI, Uber AI Research Labs, Boeing, Google Brain, Facebook, Hitachi, UC Berkeley and many others. As well as receiving presentations from and interviews with the speakers, the events offered the opportunity for attendees to participate in interactive workshops, showcase their products in 'Robot Corner', learn from exhibitors and much more.

If you missed out on the events but are keen to learn more, the catalogue of presentations and exclusive interviews is available on the RE•WORK video hub here. Not sure what to expect? Take a look at some of the footage to find out what we learned in San Francisco.

Shahmeer Mirza, Senior Research & Development Engineer at PepsiCo

Presentation: Machine Learning in the Wild: Scaling Automation Applications from Prototype to Plant Floor

Shahmeer talks through prototyping machine learning solutions off-line quickly and efficiently, talking through multiple considerations these considerations in the context of PepsiCo’s potato chip manufacturing process.

Interview: Jeff Clune, Research Scientist at Uber AI Labs

Interviewer: Tony Peng, Synced

Jeff's interview discusses the following:

• An overview of his work at Uber AI Labs
• How Jeff began working work in AI, and more specifically in robotics
• Motivations to continue working in the space
• Working to advance AI in industrial applications
• Current challenges
• The importance of using AI for good and how Uber AI Labs embody this
• Using robotics for positive impact
• The future of robotics

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