Alberto T. Estévez is director of the Genetic Barcelona Project. At RE.WORK Future Cities Summit, Alberto will explore cities that learn and take ideas from the advantages of nature. Science, biology and genetics lend to creating new technologies that give us the possibility to re-think and re-work our cities.

What is the greatest opportunity in your industry to positively impact our future cities?

To take profit of the advantages of nature, through the genetic creation of plants for produce building materials, heath and light in a more sustainable way.

What is the biggest obstacle to integrating emerging technology into urban infrastructure, cities and communities?

We need to research before, and we have now not more budget for it. We are searching founds: do you know someone interested in promote one of the industries with more future?


What will be the key skills/jobs required in the future for your sector?

To know and understand genetics.

What emerging technology are you most excited about - personal or business or society wise that will affect our future cities?

Genetics, of course, applied to architecture for improve better cities.

Alberto T. Estévez will be speaking at RE.WORK Future Cities Summit, London, on 4-5 December. To view the full line-up and register to attend, go to:

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