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Our next meetup will be held in London on 18 February. Focused on Internet of Things (IoT), we'll have an evening discussing wireless sensors, networked computing, wearables, open hardware & the latest innovation in IoT.

We're entering an era of unprecedented connectivity where millions of devices are now being connected to the global Internet. The implications of connected transport, homes, infrastructure and medical devices will have a huge impact on our lives and economy. We'll hear from innovators discussing their thoughts on opportunities and challenges in the IoT.

Each talk will be 10 minutes followed by a Q&A. We'll also be holding a panel session with time for questions afterwards. Anyone is welcome to attend this meetup.

This event is co-hosted with Concirrus. Get in contact if you'd like to showcase your startup at the event, email us at [email protected]

For more information on this meetup, please see our website here.

Hope to see you there!