For this year's IoT Day, as we’re gearing up for the Internet of Things Summit in Boston, we want to start a broader discussion on the opportunities and challenges of IoT with the Twitter community.

We'll be hosting a Tweet Chat, with some speakers and partners from the upcoming summit, on Thursday 9 April at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 5pm BST.

The discussion will include questions such as:

  • What are the most exciting IoT projects that you have recently come across?
  • What are the main drivers for the IoT revolution?
  • What smart IoT technologies have been integrated into your city?
  • How will IoT change how future generations think about the environment?
  • Which industry will be the most heavily disrupted by IoT by 2025?
  • What more can larger corporates do to encourage bottom-up innovation in IoT?
  • How best can IoT be applied to support food security for future generations?

Experts joining the conversation will include:

Come share your thoughts, ideas and opinions on the IoT!

Follow @teamrework for updates and use the hashtag #iotchat to join in.