With an increasing focus on artificial intelligence in the media recently, it’s important for companies working in deep learning to learn how to stand out from the crowd, and receive the the right kind of attention.

What is the appeal of AI startups at the moment? What current trends in deep learning are investors looking for? What are the challenges with long term vs short term return on investment and higher risk technologies?

Following the success of the Speed-Mentoring Session at the Deep Learning Summit in London on 24th Sept this year, RE.WORK will be hosting a dinner on 'Investing in Deep Learning' on 1st December in London. Attendees will meet the UK's leading investors and discuss the latest trends in deep learning, make new connections and network with peers in sectors including retail, manufacturing, transport, cities, communications, healthcare and security.

Over the course of the dinner, esteemed investors Nathan Benaich, Playfair Capital, and Maria Dramalioti-Taylor, AngelLab, will explore the opportunities and challenges of investing in deep learning startups, while Rodolfo Rosini, Founder of Weave.ai, will share experiences of raising capital in the field.

As this field is rapidly evolving, the attention companies focused on deep learning are receiving is accelerating. New applications for image recognition, NLP, neural networks are being realised each day, and investors are eager to be a part of this boom in technology - how will you ensure your company is noticed?

Testimonials from the recent Speed-Mentoring Session at the Deep Learning Summit in London in September:

"The speed-networking session was a unique opportunity where AI leading’s investors and advisors shared their time and expertise in a straight talk. They test out as much as the product than the motivation and emphasize the complexity of the AI industry. Being at a very early stage with my startup it was very valuable and helps me highlights critical business issues needed to be tackle and focus on first", Audrey Richard-Laurent, Founder of Awakeful.

"As an introductory to finding investors the speed session enables companies to test their pitch and make some contacts very quickly. For us it helped to validate the innovation we had created and get some feedback on which paths to take", Raj Sandhu, CEO of TransteknIQ.

Places are limited. Confirm your attendance for the Investing in Deep Learning Dinner now!

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