Historically, technology and scientific research has been a vastly male dominated sector. In recent years, the rise of female CEOs in companies such as CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer and CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, has improved the gender balance, but encouraging young women into careers in artificial intelligence and computer science is still a struggle.

RE•WORK have recently launched the Women in AI Podcast, and yesterday at the Deep Learning Summit in Montreal, we spoke to several influential women about their current work, and also their experience as female in the industry. Tonight, at the Women in Machine Intelligence Dinner in Montreal, some of these women working in AI will be presenting their work, and we will learn about not only their research progressions, but their place as women in the industry.

We will learn from:

Layla El Asri, Maluuba:
How conversational interfaces learn
'Today, we see conversational AI all around us, from bots that we can chat with on messaging apps to voice assistants in our homes, cars and on our phones. As new hardware like in-home speakers become more prevalent, people are beginning to use these conversational agents for more and more tasks. We’ve moved beyond simple questions, like “What’s the weather going to be tomorrow” to expecting our agents to understand, remember and even make decisions to better serve us

Aparna Lakshmiratan, Facebook:
Designing AI Algorithms to Power new experiences at Facebook scale
Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you know what Facebook is. As one of the largest social networks worldwide, their technology capabilities are exponential and the scaling of their models is huge. Apart Lakshmiratan technical programme manager in applied machine learning is currently driving the Facebook program to build new algorithms for ranking and personalisation. Aparna will share her current work and explain how they are able to ship these products to be relevant and successful to over 2bn people worldwide.

Adriana Romero, Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms:
DL Models for Personalised Medicine
Deep learning is going to transform every industry it touches. Cars will no longer need human drivers, banks will be able to make increasingly accurate financial forecasts, businesses won’t waste time and money on laborious admin tasks and doctors will be able to make timely and accurate diagnoses. Healthcare is a sector that will potentially experience the largest impact on society by predicting and preventing and treating illness in a timely fashion. There are so many areas that deep learning can help with this, and personalised medicine is a really interesting avenue of progression. Adriana Romero will share with us today some of the models that are being fine tuned in the medical industry from medical imaging segmentation, to the challenges posed by genomic data.

As today is Ada Lovelace Day, we’re also taking a look at some of the inspiring women who have presented at RE•WORK summits over the past few years and their impact on research and society.

Interview with Stacey Svetlichnaya, Flickr, Machine Intelligence Summit, San Francisco 2017.

Watch now.

Interview with Muyinatu Bell, Johns Hopkins University. Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit, Boston 2017

Watch now.

Interview with Ayesha Khanna, ADDO AI. Deep Learning Summit, Singapore 2017

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At the Deep Learning Summit in Montreal this week (October 10 & 11) we’ve been fortunate enough to continue recording the RE•WORK Women in AI podcast which you can subscribe to via our website, or on iTunes. We have been joined by guests such as Ira Kemelmacher, Facebook; Mai Mavinkurve, Sightline Innovation; Layla El Asri, Maluuba; Doina Precup, McGill University and many others.

To support women working in AI, join us at the Women in Machine Intelligence dinner in San Francisco next January, as well as at the Deep Learning Summit, Deep Learning for Enterprise Summit, AI Assistant Summit. Early Bird discounted passes are still available, so register now to guarantee your place at the summit.